Tess's Book Reviews

A Thousand Splendid Suns By Khaled Hosseini Cover Image
Reviewed by: Tess
Posted: March 30, 2024

This book was a whirlwind of emotions and crushingly beautiful.

How to Survive Your Murder By Danielle Valentine Cover Image
Reviewed by: Tess
Posted: January 27, 2024

This YA book feels like a pure thriller. With the first person POV so you understand all of the fear and confusion of Alice our main character. You experience the run and chase making it a wonderful edge of your seat page turner!

Speak: The Graphic Novel By Laurie Halse Anderson, Emily Carroll (Illustrator) Cover Image
Reviewed by: Tess
Posted: November 25, 2023

The original Speak book is a heart wrenching novel, but I adored the graphic version even more. The limited and gloomy color scheme fit perfectly with this emotional story. If you're looking for a stunning graphic novel that will break your heart and tape it back together this is the one. 

The Guest List: A Reese's Book Club Pick By Lucy Foley Cover Image
Reviewed by: Tess
Posted: November 25, 2023

This books was absolutely amazing. I loved the dual perspectives, time jumps, and fast pace, which is perfect for a thriller. The trapped setting allowed exploring into the main characters deeply, and get everyone's motive. Lucy Foley perfectly sprinkled out clues until the big reveal. Easily a favorite of mine! 

Wildfire: A Novel (The Maple Hills Series) By Hannah Grace Cover Image
Reviewed by: Tess
Posted: October 22, 2023

When I found out Hannah Grace was coming out with her second romance book I preordered it immediately! Icebreaker was a 5 star read of mine so I was so excited to read Wildfire and it did not disappoint. Hannah Grace is able to write loving chemistry like no other. Wildfire had the fiery heat and soft charm. This forbidden friends to lovers is perfect for people who loved Icebreaker or are looking for a fluffy read!

Lay Your Body Down: A Novel of Suspense By Amy Suiter Clarke Cover Image
Reviewed by: Tess
Posted: September 30, 2023

This book was a thrilling adventure. It ended up being a lot more than just a simple mystery, covering the dangers and concern of a town worshipping it's pastor. Suiter Clark did an amazing job with this book which went happily into my 5 star pile. 

I Love Strawberries! By Shannon Anderson, Jaclyn Sinquett (Illustrator), Emma D. Dryden (Editor) Cover Image
Reviewed by: Tess
Posted: September 3, 2023

I Love Strawberries is a beautifully illustrated and adorable book! A girl with pure persistence and a love for strawberries is fully motivated to grow her own berry plants. She's got a plan and a wonderful bunny sidekick. Fun for anyone looking for an endearing picture book. Beware it will make you hungry for strawberries!

Summer Reading By Jenn McKinlay Cover Image
Reviewed by: Tess
Posted: August 27, 2023

As someone fond of opposites attract romances this one did not disappoint. Our main character Samantha who doesn't read falling for the local librarian. This charming friends-to-lovers was adorable, and a perfect cozy read. 

We Were Liars By E. Lockhart Cover Image
Reviewed by: Tess
Posted: January 28, 2023

I adored this book! From family drama to a spiraling mystery, it has one of the best and most unexpected twists I've ever read. Great characters, plot, and pacing. A dark and stormy beach read. 

A Is for Always: An Adoption Alphabet By Linda Cutting, Leonie Little Lex (Illustrator) Cover Image
Reviewed by: Tess
Posted: November 5, 2022

An amazing story, with an alphabet showing the journeys of adopting and the beauties of it. Whether adopted or not, a child or parent this soft story is perfect to show understanding and love for anyone in your family. Because even if you're adopted your family is still your real family.

The Silent Patient By Alex Michaelides Cover Image
Reviewed by: Tess
Posted: July 29, 2022

Full of twists and turns, a real page turner. This beautifully crafted psychological thriller will keep you interested and engaged. A must read in my mind.