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Read It Forward - Dream Street Campaign

Help us bring Dream Street to the schools!


When we started our Read It Forward book donation program at the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic, we partnered with Belmont, Arlington, Watertown, and Waltham public schools to bring new books to children in need. Thanks to your generous donations and support, we were able to distribute over 1,300 books to kids ages 3 – 18 and nurture their love of reading while schools and libraries remained closed.

This holiday season, we are excited to partner with Frugal Bookstore, Roxbury’s Black-owned independent bookstore, to bring acclaimed artist and children’s book illustrator Ekua Holmes and award-winning author Tricia Elam Walker into the Roxbury and Belmont area classrooms to share their inspiring new picture book, Dream Street.

Dream Street is a gorgeous tribute to the loving Roxbury community where these two creative cousins grew up, went to school, and followed their dreams. As they explain in their note at the end of Dream Street, Tricia and Ekua (who currently has an exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston) want kids to know that “dreams do come true (with lots of hard work along the way)!"

Between November 16th and December 31st, all donations to Read It Forward will go towards the purchase of copies of Dream Street for Boston public school students participating in the December 3rd multi-school virtual event with Ekua Holmes and Tricia Elam Walker.

How does it work? Make a donation of $20, we deliver 2 copies of Dream Street to a participating Boston public school. Make a donation of $40 and we deliver 4 copies to these schools. Or make a donation of any size you want, and we’ll deliver as many books as we can for that amount. The more donations we get, the more books we can deliver.

In addition, Dream Street, with Ekua Holmes’ vibrant collage illustrations and Tricia Elam Walkers’ uplifting message about the power of community, makes a wonderful holiday gift. Consider purchasing a copy for the child/children in your life. We hope that Dream Street and the opportunity to meet these amazing children's book creators online will ignite children’s dreams and affirm the beauty, resilience, and strength of their communities.

Help us "dream it forward" by donating to Read It Forward this holiday season.

Thank you for your support!

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Participating Organizations

Dream Street Donations
Donations made to Read It Forward between 11/16/2021 and 12/31/2021 will go towards purchasing copies of Dream Street to distribute to students participating in the online author event in Boston public schools. After 12/31/2021, any unused donations will be added to the general Read It Forward fund to continue purchasing books for underserved readers in our local area.

General Donations
Read It Forward uses donations to buy books for students and families in the local community. In the past, we have worked with the following organizations but are always looking for new partners:

Belmont Public Schools
Arlington Public Schools
Watertown Public Schools

Waltham Family School

Tax Deductions: Sorry, but donations made through Belmont Books are not tax deductible. If you prefer to make a tax deductible donation, we strongly encourage you to contact the partnering organizations directly. Links to their websites and/or contact information are provided above.

* The number of books per donation is an estimate to help guide the donor. The actual number of books will vary depending on the cost from the publisher, the age and reading level of the target readers, and the needs of each program. Belmont Books does not add any fees, take any profit from these purchases, or allow the funds to be used for any purpose other than to buy books to distribute to readers in need.