Read It Forward


Read It Forward

Getting books to families in need

When the Covid 19 crisis forced Belmont Books to close its doors, we worried that we would not only lose our business, but also lose our connection to the great people and neighborhoods surrounding us. We couldn’t have been more wrong. Within minutes, people who had been coming to our store for years started showing up on our website—not just ordering dozens of books, but showering us with messages of thanks and support. It was incredibly moving and filled us with hope.

One large part of our community was left behind, however: those with no reliable access to the Internet and no financial means to buy new books. With schools and libraries closed, after-school programs and community resource centers shut down, children, seniors and whole families were suddenly cut off from the most basic means of learning and entertainment: chapter books, workbooks, novels, biographies, history, science.

To help fill this gap, Belmont Books created a new book donation program: Read It Forward. In partnership with school and community programs in Belmont, Arlington, Watertown and Waltham (see list below), Read It Forward now brings new books to children and adults in need.

How does it work? Make a donation of $25, we deliver 3 to 5 children’s books or 1 to 3 adult books through school free lunch programs, libraries, or other services. Make a donation of $50, we deliver 5 to 7 children’s books or 2 to 4 adult books to these programs.* Or make a donation of any size you want, and we’ll deliver as many books as we can for that amount. The more donations we get, the more books we can deliver.

These are brand new books, handpicked by our booksellers in consultation with local teachers, counselors and other educators, and they cover everything from beginner readers to large print books for senior citizens.

Books are an essential part of life. Donate today and you’ll be helping local kids, seniors and whole families get the books they need.

Thank you for your support!

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Participating Organizations

Read It Forward uses donations to buy books for students and families in the local community. In the past, we have worked with the following organizations but are always looking for new partners:

Belmont Public Schools
Arlington Public Schools
Watertown Public Schools

Waltham Family School

Tax Deductions: Sorry, but donations made through Belmont Books are not tax deductible. If you prefer to make a tax deductible donation, we strongly encourage you to contact the partnering organizations directly. Links to their websites and/or contact information are provided above.

* The number of books per donation is an estimate to help guide the donor. The actual number of books will vary depending on the cost from the publisher, the age and reading level of the target readers, and the needs of each program.