Pre-Order Deals

Holiday Order Deadlines  
Orders to be delivered by Dec. 24th must be placed by Monday, Dec. 16th, 5:00pm.
Orders to be picked up at store must be placed by Friday, Dec. 20th, 11:00am.


10% off on select titles

We're so excited about these new titles we're taking 10% off the list price for anyone who pre-orders them. Not only do you get the book as soon as it comes out, but you save money, too. "A win-win!" as Shakespeare famously said of his first draft of Romeo & Juliet (in which R & J got married, had kids and started a little winebar in Verona).

Please note: All pre-orders paid for online will be charged at the time the order is processed. Also, if you've asked for your order to be shipped, we'll try to have it arrive as close to the publication date as possible. But because of delays and/or restrictions from the publishers and the variability of shipping times, we can't guarantee the book will arrive on the exact date of publication. Please see our Pre-Order FAQ for further details.