Online Only Gift Codes


Giving someone an Online-Only Gift Code is like handing them the secret password to a safe containing millions of dollars in gold, jewels and rare artwork. Only the safe is And the treasure is as many books as your generosity can buy them.

5 simple steps—that's all it takes to show what a thoughtful person you are:

  1. Pick a dollar amount.
  2. Enter the email address of the person getting the code (so we know who to send it to).
  3. Type in your name (so the person receiving it knows it's legit and not some meshugeneh bookstore spam).
  4. Type a message to the recipient (so they know it's for their birthday, or anniversary, or you're really, really sorry you dropped their copy of Ready Player One in the bathtub...)
  5. Press "Add to Cart."

Then, when you're ready to checkout, the giftcode will get rung up with the rest of your purchases.

The best part of this? No shipping fees! (Also, no trying to figure out what Aunt Sadie is reading these days.)

Important Note: They're called Online-Only Gift Codes because they can only be used online--specifically, for purchases made through If you bring one to our brick-and-mortar store, we'll be very happy to see you, and we'll congratulate you on having friends and/or family who like you enough to send you a gift code. But you won't be able to buy anything with it. (Sorry.)

This is an optional field. Leave it empty to send the giftcode when the order is processed, Or provide a future delivery date in yyyy-mm-dd format.