Haggerty School Library Wishlist

Thank you for visiting the Haggerty Library Wishlist. This wishlist is your opportunity to "Sponsor A Book" for our library collection. I will place a book plate with your child's name or family name in the front of the book. You may wish to donate in honor of a birthday, or just because your child loves the school library. Please select the delivery option "Pick-Up in Store," and I will pick them up from Belmont Books.

Thank you, Sarah Novogrodsky, Haggerty School Librarian

Haggerty School bookplates showing kids in a circle in front of a schoolhouse, with text on the left that reads "This book was donated to the Haggerty School Library." Text under the right bookplate reads "This book was donated to the Haggerty School Library to celebrate the birthday of" with room to write a name.

The motto of the Haggerty School, “Everyone is Different. Everyone Belongs.”, celebrates not only our diversity, but also our belief that all children must have the opportunity to meet their individual goals and potential. The mission of the Haggerty School is to achieve high levels of learning for all students while advancing social justice and celebrating students’ social and emotional development in an inclusive learning community. Support the Haggerty School Library by donating a book from the school's wishlist, and support your local economy by buying it from Belmont Books.

When you order a book online to donate to the Haggerty School Library, please select the delivery option "Pick-Up in Store." Then pay online using your credit card or PayPal, and leave an order comment noting that this is a donation for the Haggerty School Library. Please place a separate order for personal purchases.

Please click here to see the Haggerty School Library wishlist.