Hello! We're currently fully staffed. We'd be happy to keep your resume on file if you'd like us to contact us. Please email your answers to the questionnaire and your resume, and we will confirm that we have received them. We ask that all candidates have weekend and holiday availability. Email employment@belmontbooks.com

Note: All new employees are now required to work in both the bookstore and the cafe. For this reason, all applicants must be 16 years or older. Please read the information for both Booksellers and Baristas before applying.


Tildy and Audrey (booksellers) in front of the Poetry section

Forget everything you read in The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry or saw in You’ve Got Mail. Bookstores are busy places with dozens of different tasks that need to be done every day. Sometimes you’ll get an adrenaline-pumping exchange of favorite books and ideas. Most times you’ll be busy with less exciting–but no less important–tasks like shelving, running inventories, shipping orders, cleaning up the children’s area, even dusting and vacuuming.

So what are we looking for in a bookseller?

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Café Barista-Help Wanted!

Emma (barista) holds a mug in front of the cafe menu board

What could be better than working in a bookstore all day? Working in a bookstore café!

The Black Bear Café opened its doors at the end of June and is already becoming a popular stop for people who like their great literature served up with great coffee (or tea, or all kinds of irresistible pastries). It’s a fun place to hang out and a fun place to work. If you’re a warm, friendly, hard-working type who enjoys making art in foam and discussing single-source Fair Trade beans with anyone who will listen, come join our café team.

As a barista at Belmont Books, your responsibilities would include (but are not limited to):
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