Donate to the Store

Thanks for supporting your local independent bookstore!

We set this page up for customers who have asked how they could contribute to the store without necessarily buying something.

Why does a for-profit business even need donations? First and foremost, because the current health crisis has forced us to close our doors. Without the daily traffic of local customers we can't generate enough sales to stay in business for very long, even with the boost in our online sales. 

Second, even in normal times selling books doesn't cover everything we do. Sometimes we have a great event with a fabulous author who draws dozens of people and sells a ton of books. Just as often, we have a great event with a fabulous author who, for whatever reason (snowstorm, curriculum night at the local school, season finale of The Bachelor...) gets only a tiny crowd and we sell one book.

We're not complaining. We're in this because we love everything to do with books and want to make sure they remain a vital part of Belmont and its surrounding towns. And if even one person is thrilled because they got to meet their favorite author at our store, we're happy.

Still, since many people asked if they could make a straight-up donation to help us get through this crisis, we set up this page to make it easier.

The donation is not tax-deductible, unfortunately. But know that the help you give us will flow back into the community in a hundred different ways.

Thanks again! You've made Belmont Books everything we hoped it would be--and more.

Kathy, Chris and the entire Belmont Books/Black Bear Café crew


If you would like to dedicate the donation to someone, fill in the name and email fields and we will send a message to the honoree. Otherwise, just fill in the amount and click "Add to Cart."