Cunniff School Teacher Wishlists

The Cunniff School provides a supportive and challenging learning environment that maximizes student achievement, social responsibility, and lifelong learning for all Cunniff Community members.The diversity reflective of the Cunniff community makes teaching and learning a rewarding experience for students, teachers, and families.Support Cunniff Teachers by donating books to their classroom from each teacher's personalized classroom wishlist. Support your local economy by buying from Belmont Books. Parents are responsible for pick up and delivery of their wishlist purchase to their teacher.



 Ms. DiIeso


 Ms. Andreola

 Ms. Tanguay Malizia

 Mr. McSweeny

Grade 1

 Ms. Breen

 Ms. DeFabritiis

 Ms. Hager

Grade 2

 Ms. Brehm

 Ms. Lacy

Grade 3

 Ms. Downey

 Ms. Hallisey

 Ms. Lauria

Grade 4

 Ms. Barry

 Mr. Hammond

 Ms. Park

Grade 5

 Ms. Coveno

 Ms. Erwin

Arts & Music

 Ms. Lucas

 Mr. Saraydarian 

Physical Education

 Mr. Schlegel 

 Mr. Tempesta

Spanish and ESL

 Ms. Koehler

 Ms. Hodges

 Ms. Shirinian

Reading Specialists

 Ms. McCarthy

 Ms. Rabbitt

 Ms. Rono

Special Education

 Ms. Antonellis

 Ms. Caulfield-Cogswell

 Ms. Connors

 Ms. Dempsey

 Ms. Knight

 Ms. Little

 Ms. Murphy

 Mr. Walsh


 Ms. Golden

 Ms. Graves

 Ms. Stevens

 Ms. Patel

 Ms. Zorina