Butler School Teacher Wishlists

The Daniel Butler School is dedicated to providing a school community where students will acquire the foundational skills, knowledge, and behaviors needed for life-long learning. They believe that this can best be achieved in an environment characterized by mutual respect and shared responsibility. Butler School success will be built on a partnership of teachers who are committed to their profession and families who ensure that their children come to school prepared to learn.

 Support ButlerTeachers by donating books to their classroom from each teacher's personalized classroom wishlist. Support your local economy by buying from Belmont Books.

Please click on your teacher's name to access their wishlist.


Ms. Levy

Ms. Ruddock

Ms. Dilluvio

First Grade

Ms. Brisch

Ms. Pressey

Ms. Dufault

Second Grade

Ms. Wolfe

Ms. Filippi

Ms. Messing

Third Grade

Mr. Molloy

Mrs. Sacco

Mr. Bisceglia-Kane

Ms. Iannotti

Fourth Grade

Ms. Murray

Ms. Hutton

Mr. Chiu


Ms. MacIsaac

Ms. Raidl

Art Ms. Minori
Music Ms. Livermore
PE Mr. Trodden

Ms. Gallagher

Ms. DeLorio

LABBB Specialists

Ms. Gammons

Ms. Kort-Haberman

Ms. Gray

Ms. Stewart

Ms. Goodwin

Guidance Ms. Quinn
Special Education

Ms. Bender

Ms. Crowley

Ms. Zotkin

Reading Specialists

Ms. Greene

Ms. Mann

Nurse Ms. Hartveldt