The Darkling Queen (Shadow Watch #3) (Paperback)

The Darkling Queen (Shadow Watch #3) By S. a. Klopfenstein Cover Image

The Darkling Queen (Shadow Watch #3) (Paperback)


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This is book number 3 in the Shadow Watch series.

A new queen rules the world.
Only the Gallows Girl knows she is a tyrant.

The Saints have prevailed. The chancellor has been defeated, and a new empire has risen in his place. An empire built by lowborns and sorcerers from many nations. Led by the newly crowned Queen of Light, Medea Lorzarre, they seek to spread their message of freedom and revolution across the New World. Only the Gallows Girl knows that the queen has fooled them all.

Believed to be dead and stripped of her magic and allies, Tori Burodai longs for a chance to expose the Darkling Queen for what she truly is. Her quest for allies takes her to new and dangerous parts of the world. But Medea is not the only looming threat.

The chancellor maneuvers his way into a new position of power, with a terrible scheme to take back his throne, no matter the cost. Meanwhile, a new threat lurks in the shadows. A mysterious hunter who is abducting sorcerers across the Southern World for an unknown purpose.All dark secrets must come to light, but the truth may change everything.

Can Tori find a way to regain her magic and resist the Darkling Queen?If she fails, the revolution she began may succeed in destroying the world.

Don't miss the thrilling third installment of the Shadow Watch series
Product Details ISBN: 9798640745221
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 17th, 2020
Pages: 438
Language: English
Series: Shadow Watch