Chronicles of a Nomad: Memoirs of an Immigrant (Paperback)

Chronicles of a Nomad: Memoirs of an Immigrant By Alex Alberto Alvarez Cover Image

Chronicles of a Nomad: Memoirs of an Immigrant (Paperback)


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By highlighting the reasons why well-established citizens in Latin America emigrate to the United States, Europe, and beyond, author Alex Alvarez (A. A. Alvarez) provides an insider's perspective on how many of today's young migrants overcome their limitations to shape their own destinies.

Brace yourself for an introspective journey guided by the intrepid Carlos Rodriguez, as he bares his soul within the intimate confines of his memoirs. Despite his privileged upbringing, fate thrusts him into the heart of socioeconomic turmoil within his once opulent homeland, so that at the tender age of fifteen, seeking safety, he emigrates to the United States, where he defies the odds and surrenders to the clutches of an expired tourist visa for years on end. Then, just as his path appears steady, an unforeseen twist sends him on yet another expedition, this time to Greece, where he confronts the conundrum of seeking solace on foreign soil, even further removed from the land he once called "home."

This cross-cultural adventure will lead you through three seemingly disparate countries, immersing you in a multitude of situations that balance humour and solemnity with a narration that brings together a wide range of topics, including family, education, culture, religion, economy, politics, love, marriage, and, of course, immigration.

While this novel is a work of fiction, it is inspired by the author's own journey and his encounters with fellow migrants along his path. Thus, it presents a captivating story defined by personal journeys, culture shock, and the quest for self-discovery in a narrative that is as entertaining as it is profound, making it an enjoyable read for readers of all backgrounds.

The paperback version of Chronicles of a Nomad: Memoirs of an Immigrant (ISBN: 9789609309189), hit the stores in 2008, and was quickly followed by its sequel, "V2036: A Venezuelan Chronicle" (ISBN: 9789609278508).
Product Details ISBN: 9789609309189
ISBN-10: 9609309186
Publisher: A. A. Alvarez
Publication Date: January 15th, 2009
Pages: 304
Language: English