Blood Beyond Darkness (Hardcover)

Blood Beyond Darkness By Stacey Marie Brown Cover Image

Blood Beyond Darkness (Hardcover)


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The Sword of Light, the only weapon capable of killing Queen Aneira, has been found. Ember's destiny is to end her reign and become the new Queen.

Or so she thought.

When Eli and Ember are taken by Aneira, she is forced to make a deal to save the man she loves. A curse is placed on Ember that if she uses the sword against the Seelie Queen, Eli Dies.

A price she might not be willing to make.

The fight for Earth is on, and old grievances and enemies must work together to stop Aneira from bringing down the wall between Earth and the Otherworld, making humans servants to the fae. And those who oppose her reign, will parish.

When deep secrets are revealed, Ember's world and heart is ripped apart even more. Ember must go beyond anything she could ever imagine, making the ultimate sacrifice, saving millions of innocent lives.

Not all fairytales have a happy ending.

Product Details ISBN: 9781956600094
ISBN-10: 1956600094
Publisher: Twisted Fairy Publishing
Publication Date: August 28th, 2014
Pages: 288
Language: English