Back Lash (Paperback)

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Back Lash (Paperback)


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USA Today Bestselling author Devon Monk returns to her gritty, magic-fueled, urban fantasy adventure. Cursed with Life and Death magic, enemies-to-brothers fight for dominance in a city full of bad guys that have no idea who they're up against.

*Fully updated author edition: bursting with Heart, Snark, and Ass-kicking.*

Shame Flynn and Terric Conley hadn't meant to become the living, breathing vessels for Death and Life magic. But they hadn't meant to die, be reborn, break magic, save the world, and kill a few psychopaths along the way, either.

The one thing they had meant to do was to seal magic away once and for all, so it could never be used to kill again.

But when a string of dead bodies-people killed by magic-appear throughout Portland, Oregon, Shame and Terric must scramble to uncover who broke the locks on magic this time, and how.

And they need to do it fast. Before Terric's sister becomes the next target, before the Russian mob locks them in their sights. And before an innocent child and her foolish father accidentally put themselves on the magic battlefield that will only get them killed.

Product Details ISBN: 9781939853394
ISBN-10: 1939853397
Publisher: Odd House Press
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2023
Pages: 230
Language: English