The Faraday Cage (Hardcover)

The Faraday Cage By Steve Turnbull (Editor) Cover Image

The Faraday Cage (Hardcover)

By Steve Turnbull (Editor)


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Set in a past that never was, five tales of adventure and excitement from the pen of five completely different authors sharing a single world.

The Haemophage by Rob Harkess: On a mining base in the Asteroid Belt people start dying by having their blood sucked out but vampires are a myth, aren't they?

Taking the Cure by Peter Smalley: A health-spa pleasure cruise to the Moon and back goes very wrong and only a young ensign can help.

Iron Curtain by Virginia Maybury: A London patents clerk is employed to build a low-gravity playroom for the Tsar's child, but Russian politics can be lethal.

Dear Prudence by Katy O'Dowd with Steve Turnbull: The author of an Agony Aunt column falls for the heir to a massive fortune, but how can they overcome the intense family feud that stands between them?

The Computationer by Steve Turnbull: A brilliant Swiss-born girl, dragged by her family to Perth, Australia, sets off in search of a downed flyer to rescue its Babbage analytical.

Product Details ISBN: 9781910342435
ISBN-10: 1910342432
Publisher: Tau Press Ltd
Publication Date: May 13th, 2016
Pages: 242
Language: English