Packing Smack, Talking Wombats (Paperback)

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The smirks on their faces and that rubbish-bin needle. Her eyes and nose streaming tears and gunk, and that sleazebag's hands all over her. So give him what he wanted after what he and his mongrel friends did to her? Bitter tears welled up again. 'No, ' Jackson muttered to herself. 'No way.' There was enough anger, stubbornness and pride in her now to do this, if...

Locked up in his solitude, Pete felt lonelier than he ever thought possible. A wave of panic hit him. Jumping out of bed, he groped for his torch and burst out the back door. There were diversions out there: the moon, wavelets lapping, stars falling across the sky...

Both of them fleeing the outside world, eighteen-year-old Jackson and reclusive Pete meet on the remote east coast of Flinders Island. Unfortunately, the place is not remote enough.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781740274074
ISBN-10: 1740274075
Publisher: Ginninderra Press
Publication Date: September 20th, 2016
Pages: 158
Language: English