The Dark Communion (Hardcover)

The Dark Communion By Joey Ruff Cover Image

The Dark Communion (Hardcover)


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Missing kid cases are supposed to be easy. Take the family's money, ask the rude questions the cops don't ask, then chase down leads and hope for the best. Whether the kid is okay, or not, it's easy money.

Easy, however, is rarely in the cards for paranormal investigator Jono Swift. Easy is for people who haven't seen what he has seen.

Harpies. Leprechauns. Bogeys. Imps. To you, they're myths and superstitions. To Swift, they're just some of the strange and dangerous characters he has to deal with every day.

When the search for a missing Boy leads him deep into the hidden side of Seattle, he uncovers a threat unlike anything he's ever faced before.

Good thing he's got a big gun.

Product Details ISBN: 9781734609004
ISBN-10: 1734609001
Publisher: Washed Entertainment, LLC
Publication Date: March 25th, 2020
Pages: 424
Language: English