Inaudible (Paperback)

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Inaudible (Paperback)


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Mizzy Agnor has watched most of her close friends throw away an important piece of their childhood-imagination, a love of art and being creative. When her best friend's sketchbook-full of creepy drawings of "the quiet man"-is heartlessly tossed into an open manhole, Miz goes in after it, alone. The ladder collapses, leaving her with no other option than to head into the darkness.

Rattus, a clever sewer rat, leads her through the underground labyrinth, all the way to the Imagination Train, which will take her anywhere she chooses. A classroom full of friends, an abandoned movie theater, or even a visit to her beloved Grammy's house. But even the most clever and inventive imagination can become distorted in a place like this. Miz will have to find a way to escape before the darkness takes hold and she is forced to wander this nightmarish underground world, hopeless and alone, forever seeking her own lost imagination.

*This is the only beginning of what the Quiet Man has planned for Miz, Fenn and Reiny, three middle school students bound together by friendship, loyalty-and a few stitches.

Product Details ISBN: 9781647030797
ISBN-10: 164703079X
Publisher: Handersen Publishing
Publication Date: September 1st, 2022
Pages: 254
Language: English