Voices of the Titanic: A Titanic Book for Kids (History Speaks!) (Paperback)

Voices of the Titanic: A Titanic Book for Kids (History Speaks!) By Mary Montero Cover Image

Voices of the Titanic: A Titanic Book for Kids (History Speaks!) (Paperback)


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Fascinating stories from real people aboard the Titanic—written for kids 9 to 12

Voices of the Titanic is a standout among Titanic books for kids that will give you insights into the disaster like never before. Take a new look at the sinking of the RMS Titanic through the eyes of the heroes and the cowards, the wealthy and the poor, the survivors and those who went down with the ship.

In one of the best Titanic books for kids, you'll read the stories of real passengers and how they found their place on board. Of all the Titanic books for kids, the fascinating accounts and tantalizing tales in this one will keep you captivated for hours.

This standout among Titanic books for kids includes:
  • 20 personalities—Read 20 mini-biographies of people who were aboard the ship on its fateful voyage with one of the most unique Titanic books for kids.
  • Range of people—The stories come from notable people like Captain Edward John Smith, "The Unsinkable" Margaret Brown, and third-class passenger Daniel Buckley.
  • Learn more—Enjoy sidebars that contain lesser-known facts about the Titanic like the fourth steam funnel being for looks and non-functional or why the lookouts didn't have binoculars.

Discover inside tales and unknown histories of passengers from all walks of life that you won't find in other Titanic books for kids.
Mary Montero is a teacher, an avid Titanic enthusiast, and the writer behind the teacher’s resource blog, Teaching With a Mountain View. After becoming captivated by the story of Titanic at the age of eight, she made it her mission to pass on the Titanic’s legacy to her students. She created an experience-based class on the Titanic, attends Titanic dinners at the Molly Brown House, hosts an annual commemorative Titanic tea with her family, and is a member of the Titanic Historical Society.

Product Details ISBN: 9781641529785
ISBN-10: 1641529784
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: November 19th, 2019
Pages: 116
Language: English
Series: History Speaks!
"Students all around the world will benefit from reading multiple perspectives from the dear people of the Titanic. Mary's excitement for history and literature dazzles each word and leaves the reader with a true picture of this tragic day. When a child closes Voices of the Titanic, they will be Titanic historians. Every classroom needs this book in their library!"–Courtney Hinshaw of Ramona Recommends, 3rd Grade Teacher

“As a school librarian, I have heard on more than one occasion, ‘Where are the books on the Titanic?’ Unfortunately, the ones we have simply aren't that engaging for young readers. That is until now. At last, here is a well-written, informative book about the passengers on the Titanic specifically for elementary school students. I can confidently recommend and hand it to students knowing they’ll be hooked hearing about the ship’s maiden voyage from those who were there—from the captain and crew to the first, second, and third class passengers. All the Voices of the Titanic are heard in Montero’s engaging book.”—Mike Rawls, librarian

“Mary Montero has written an enthralling book that brings the Titanic's diverse passengers and crew up from the depths of history and sets them sailing through your imagination. This is the kind of history book that kids, parents, AND teachers love.”—Luke Rosa, teacher and curriculum writer