The Ignition of Light (Hardcover)

The Ignition of Light Cover Image
By Shivani Saini, Aila Jiang (Illustrator)
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Andrew Damon knew his life wasn't going to be normal. He knew that from the time he was a little boy, since the strangest things seemed to always happen to him. He wasn't like others around him, and he knew it. Now, two years after his father's mysterious death, Andrew has stumbled upon a chance. It's a chance to discover the hidden life his father had buried away, and even a chance to continue the work his father never got to finish. A chance to reconcile with a lost family member. But it's also a chance to sacrifice every ounce of normalcy Andrew has managed so far. He must decide how much he is willing to risk in this new life he has flung himself into, and find his true self along the way. With magic, deception, and a macabre plot, Andrew's life has just gotten much more complicated. Though it could be the start of something new, it could also be the end.

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ISBN: 9781634982658
ISBN-10: 1634982657
Publisher: Bookstand Publishing
Publication Date: April 12th, 2016
Pages: 274
Language: English