Conviction Lib/E (Compact Disc)

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Conviction Lib/E (Compact Disc)


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I’ve always enjoyed Denise Mina’s Alex Morrow series but have never read any of her stand alone books. This one was excellent. And I was entertained the entire way, without needlessly deducing where I was going. At first, the plot seems to be a domestic thriller. But, other mysteries develop with a who done it that unfolds via a podcast which leads to who the main character used to be. Two unlikely characters team up with an investigation and they go throughout the European Continent seeking answers. If you are looking for a fun mystery/thriller, look no further.

— Audrey H.

This book is spectacular.  True crime podcasts, haunted pasts, and a terrifying villain add up to create the perfect blend of topical relevance and thrilling twists. Easily devoured in one sitting!

— Christian

A breathtaking thriller about a wealthy housewife who successfully conceals her dark past until a true-crime podcast and a photo posted on social media send her running across Europe, with a faded rock star by her side and extremely dangerous enemies on her trail.

Anna McLean loves to revel in life's unsavory details. When she's keeping up appearances as an upper-class Edinburgh housewife, there's no better escape than other people's sordid stories retold in true-crime podcasts. Until the day it all falls apart.

A new podcast turns out to have a connection to Anna's own dark past-the secret history she's taken great pains to conceal. Hours later, her husband announces he's leaving her-for her own best friend. And when the best friend's husband-who happens to be former rock star Fin Cohen-shows up on Anna's front stoop, a nosy neighbor plasters their photo all over the internet. Her cover well and truly blown, Anna's only choice is to run-and take Fin along for his own protection.

Reigning queen of Scottish crime fiction Denise Mina deftly weaves the classic thriller elements of a woman with a secret past, an average citizen thrust into a high-stakes international chase, and a cheating spouse, with online life-internet sleuthing, true-crime podcasts, insta-celebrities, and Twitter-to craft a modern, propulsive page-turner like nothing you've read before.

Product Details ISBN: 9781549125935
ISBN-10: 1549125931
Publisher: Little Brown and Company
Publication Date: June 18th, 2019
Language: English