The Fallen Series: Book 1 Fallen (Paperback)

The Fallen Series: Book 1 Fallen Cover Image

The Fallen Series: Book 1 Fallen (Paperback)


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This is a forbidden love story between a Nephilim (Half angel-half human Liam) and the human (Alana) he is trying to protect. Liam grew up in a Guardian sanctuary raised by Idris (their leader) because his father betrayed the Guardians and was stripped of his wings, sending him on the path to the Fallen Ones (angels who have been stripped of their wings, but still had power--dark power). Liam has always fallen shy of perfection, and one of his mistakes brings him to Alana. While spending time guarding Alana from those trying to harm her, Liam finds himself growing closer to his human side--and to Alana. He is torn between following in his father's footsteps and fulfilling a powerful prophecy. Time is running out, and a decision has to be made. Will he choose love or destiny?

Product Details ISBN: 9781524652203
ISBN-10: 1524652202
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: November 30th, 2016
Pages: 140
Language: English