Modification of Polymers (Polymer Science and Technology #21) (Paperback)

Modification of Polymers (Polymer Science and Technology #21) By Charles E. Carraher (Editor), James A. Moore (Editor) Cover Image

Modification of Polymers (Polymer Science and Technology #21) (Paperback)

By Charles E. Carraher (Editor), James A. Moore (Editor)


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This is book number 21 in the Polymer Science and Technology series.

The sheer volume of topics which could have been included under our general title prompted us to make some rather arbitrary decisions about content. Modification by irradiation is not included because the activity in this area is being treated elsewhere. We have chosen to emphasize chemical routes to modification and have striven to pre sent as balanced a representation of current activity as time and page count permit. Industrial applications, both real and potential, are included. Where appropriate, we have encouraged the contributors to include review material to help provide the reader with adequate context. The initial chapter is a review from a historical perspective of polymer modification and contains an extensive bibliography. The remainder of the book is divided into four general areas: Reactions and Preparation of Copolymers Reactions and Preparation of Block and Graft Copolymers Modification Through Condensation Reactions Applications The chemical modification of homopolymers such as polyvinylchlo ride, polyethylene, poly(chloroalkylene sulfides), polysulfones, poly chloromethylstyrene, polyisobutylene, polysodium acrylate, polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl chloroformate, sulfonated polystyrene; block and graft copolymers such as poly(styrene-block-ethylene-co-butylene block-styrene), poly(I,4-polybutadiene-block ethylene oxide), star chlorine-telechelic polyisobutylene, poly(isobutylene-co-2,3-dimethyl- 1,3-butadiene), poly(styrene-co-N-butylmethacrylate); cellulose, dex tran and inulin, is described.
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ISBN-10: 146133750X
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: May 27th, 2012
Pages: 420
Language: English
Series: Polymer Science and Technology