Atoma and the Blockchain (Paperback)

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Atoma and the Blockchain (Paperback)


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Every problem comes with a solution.

And every solution has its problem.

Enter Atoma.

Before my accident, the biggest gripe I had was with the way adults handled my ADHD. On the eve of my 16th birthday and my Citizen's Celebration Day ritual everything changed forever. Just outside of Chicago my school air-shuttle crashed. Oh, they were able to rebuild me, and everything should have been fine. If only the artificial intelligence that controlled the robotic surgeon did not discover the secret my mother managed to hide for 15 years. Even from me I woke up to discover I was no longer a citizen. I was not even legally human. I had no rights at all. They gave me a choice. I could live a short harsh life in a gulag on the tundra. Or I could agree to be trained inside a mysterious facility for a high-risk expedition. In other words, a suicide mission. It wasn't difficult to decide which to choose, because I knew one thing they didn't... The big flaw in their plan. Me

Atoma and the Blockchain is Book I in the science fiction action-adventure Atoma series. Book II will be released soon.
Product Details ISBN: 9781393632689
ISBN-10: 1393632688
Publisher: Draft2digital
Publication Date: April 8th, 2019
Pages: 352
Language: English