Hedoen: A Wolf's Tale (Paperback)

Hedoen: A Wolf's Tale By David Green Cover Image

Hedoen: A Wolf's Tale (Paperback)


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"This boy has a terrible destiny. I have witnessed it. He will see the end of the Vukodlak."

Two boys, brothers. Twins. Different in many ways, but with a bond which can never be broken.

Separated by Fate, only one of them can become Alpha and lead his people against the most dangerous threat they have ever faced.

A tale of love and loss, conflict and betrayal as the Vukodlak struggle for their survival.

Hedoen: A Wolf's Tale.

The eagerly anticipated prequel to Agent Wolf.

Product Details ISBN: 9781393429302
ISBN-10: 1393429300
Publisher: David Green
Publication Date: April 14th, 2021
Pages: 366
Language: English