Mystical Mirror: A Land of Mistasia Novel (Paperback)

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When Queen Kraylan Keegan fell in love with Cragon Cadieux, she didn't know he had a dark and sinister side. She was blind to that part of him. She loved him unconditionally. When he was destroyed by the power of the Last Emerald, Kraylan felt his demise even though she was far away in the northern territory beyond the Michi Mountains.

Kraylan could not bear to be without Cragon, yet she held onto the hope that he would return to her. After his death, Kraylan searched for a way to bring Cragon back. She hoped her powers as a sorceress would give her answers, but none came. She had begun to lose hope until she became aware that a magical artifact known as the Gossamer Pen had been found in another realm called Greenville.

The queen knew that the Gossamer Pen was her only hope to revive Cragon and once again be reunited with him. All that remained now was to discover the secret Cadieux Castle had been hiding for centuries - a portal known as the Mystical Mirror. Kraylan devised a plan to get close to the one elf that knew where the portal was located.

The Elven Warrior and protector to Cadieux Castle - Grace Tallon.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780986242465
ISBN-10: 0986242462
Publisher: Purrett Productions, LLC.
Publication Date: June 21st, 2016
Pages: 392
Language: English
Series: Land of Mistasia