The Emerald Doorway: Three Mystic Crystals (Parallel Time Trilogy #1) (Paperback)

The Emerald Doorway: Three Mystic Crystals (Parallel Time Trilogy #1) By R. Scott Lemriel (Aka -. Rochek) Cover Image

The Emerald Doorway: Three Mystic Crystals (Parallel Time Trilogy #1) (Paperback)


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(Book One)

(Three Mystic Crystals)

100,000 years ago, Earth's poles changed one hundred and eighty degrees overnight, destroying the lands as they sank beneath exploding lava in seething ocean waves. Rising from the sea floor, entirely different continents that we live on today formed, and there was a new beginning.

...unless...they finally INTERVENE...

This fast-paced epic adventure secretly revolves around present day Earth as you journey with Harry Faldwell (four-star Air Force General and a National Security Advisor to the President) as he reluctantly discovers benevolent and malevolent extra-terrestrial beings actually exist, before he profoundly experiences the deliberately hidden true ancient history of Earth and our solar system.

Meet Captain Kalem Starland - a human officer in the space fleet of the Galactic Inter-dimensional Alliance Of Free Worlds - who contacts Harry to request his assistance to help stop Sen Dar, a very diabolical power-mad being, from completing his unrelenting quest to capture the three mystic crystals of The Ancient One. If he succeeds and puts them together they could give him dominion over the galaxy and power over Earth that would result in its unexpected total destruction.

Behold the awakening of the impassioned love between Captain Kalem and Mayleena - the exquisitely beautiful Oceanan woman with subtle blue-hued skin. Journey with them as they struggle against Sen Dar's growing occult powers to discover their destiny; to one-day return to their true home in the far higher pure dimensional mystical realm of The Ancient One.

Meet their endearing dedicated friend, Etta: a highly intelligent three-foot-long extraterrestrial, green Salamander-like being who has very fluid heart-warming human-like facial expressions, and human-like fingers and toes from the Dren race that evolved with the ability to defy gravity and fly through the air.

Discover the existence of the mystic Order of Adepts discretely known as Guardians of The Ancient One. These Masters of the omnipresent living energy that sustains, supports, and surrounds all life stationed throughout the galaxy also secretly protect the people of Earth and its numerous hidden inter-dimensional parallel time doorways from malevolent extra-terrestrial domination and destruction.

Explore this uniquely uplifting and hidden truth revealing razor-edged adventure to experience how all these elements are woven together today around each one of us, as we continue our journey through life during the ongoing covert struggle for our planet's survival.

(c) October, 2015 By R. Scott Lemriel

(c) TXu 62 748, (c) PAu 835 230, (c) 07-15-2006

Product Details ISBN: 9780692537695
ISBN-10: 0692537694
Publisher: Total Spectrum Publishing
Publication Date: November 6th, 2015
Pages: 388
Language: English
Series: Parallel Time Trilogy