Treeblood (Paperback)

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Treeblood (Paperback)


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Mindless, demonic creatures have besieged the city of Malvark, hungry to consume metal and tear through any who stand in their way. The city barely goes a few days without having to fend off the terrifying faceless creatures.

East Gate Captain Castor Beldin puts his life on the line with every wave to protect the city, his sister the only family he has left.

Margaret Beldin is turmoiled by nightmares of her past. Every day is a struggle, paranoid that someone is out for her life, but no one takes her claims seriously.

Elias Va Noldin, Champion of the Noldin family, struggles to come to terms with his role and the weight it bears on the city. Is offering his life truly worth it?

Arthur Va Daolin, Champion of the Daolin family, meets a stranger who would forever change his life, even as short is it might be.

With the Red Sea approaching, they become desperate to overcome their challenges before it is too late.

In the cursed city, everyone fights to survive.

Product Details ISBN: 9780645142426
ISBN-10: 0645142425
Publisher: Hairy Scribe
Publication Date: July 17th, 2022
Pages: 442
Language: English