Vampire Dyslexic Edition (Paperback)

Vampire Dyslexic Edition By Marnie Atwell Cover Image

Vampire Dyslexic Edition (Paperback)


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Is their Queen really going to sacrifice one of their own?

Briella, a Locator Fairy obsessed with fashion, discovers a vampire has entered their domain. She quickly gets in contact with her Gatherer, April, to report the threat.

When April finds herself face to face with the creature, she is suddenly thrust into a world of death and despair. After being ordered by her superiors not to interfere with the vampire's plans, April is torn between her duty to capture all creatures that pose a threat to the human race, and following the orders given to her by the Queen. Surely Queen Adair didn't expect her to twiddle her thumbs while hundred of humans are slaughtered. What is the Queen playing at?

Something terrible is coming for one of her friends. Could she live with herself if she does nothing to stop it?

Product Details ISBN: 9780645028119
ISBN-10: 0645028118
Publisher: Marnie Atwell
Publication Date: December 7th, 2020
Pages: 320
Language: English