Interviewing Vulnerable Suspects: Safeguarding the Process (Hardcover)

Interviewing Vulnerable Suspects: Safeguarding the Process By Jane Tudor-Owen (Editor), Celine Van Golde (Editor), Ray Bull (Editor) Cover Image

Interviewing Vulnerable Suspects: Safeguarding the Process (Hardcover)

By Jane Tudor-Owen (Editor), Celine Van Golde (Editor), Ray Bull (Editor)


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This book is an in-depth, evidence-based guide to interviewing suspects with specific vulnerabilities. It provides an overview of current research, practices, and legal considerations for interviewing vulnerable suspects, incorporating guidelines regarding the identification of vulnerabilities, engaging with third parties in the interview, and training and supervision. It then goes on to cover specific vulnerabilities typically encountered in suspect populations, providing clear summaries of current research, case studies, and practical guidance for conducting interviews with these populations to facilitate best practice in interviewing. Expertise is drawn from both law enforcement practice and academic research to ensure an evidence-based approach that is relevant for contemporary practice.  

Interviewing Vulnerable Suspects offers the international policing audience a practical guide to interviewing vulnerable suspects for both uniform police and detectives. It is relevant for statutory bodies involved in investigations of misconduct; legal practitioners and forensic psychologists; practitioners in counselling, social work, and psychology; and students in policing, criminology, and forensic psychology programs. 

Jane Tudor-Owen is an Honorary Lecturer in the Discipline of Psychology and Criminology at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia, and a practising lawyer. As an academic, her primary area of research is investigative interviewing.Celine van Golde is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. Her primary research focus is on the reliability of memory in children and adults, specifically how interviewing techniques, such as those used by police, lawyers, and judges, can affect memory accuracy. Ray Bull is (part time) Professor of Criminal Investigation at Derby University, UK. His main topic of expertise is investigative interviewing and he has been invited to give presentations on this in dozens of countries. He has written expert reports in around 200 cases and testified in over 20.David Gee (MBE) is a former Head of CID in the Derbyshire Police and has held numerous national lead roles, most notably on the investigation and prosecution of sex offences, homicide review, and as advisor to the Home Office and ACPO (now NPCC) on the investigation of rape.

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Publisher: Routledge
Publication Date: October 14th, 2022
Pages: 108
Language: English