Between the Lines Reviews - July 2018



Max and the Midknights - I loved this book! It is about a girl named Max who is a troubadour. She goes to a city called Byjovia to find food and her uncle gets captured by an evil king and she has to save him. She goes off to save her uncle with three other kids and a magician and they call themselves the Midknights. This books is exciting and funny. Kids that like Big Nate will Love this book. I liked it even more than Big Nate because it is exciting. — Will, age 8


Willa of the Wood by Robert Beatty is a fantasy novel about Willa, a creature called a Faeren, with magical powers. She is trying to understand the threats to her forest, and the old ways of her people, both from outside and inside her clan. Later she gets help from an unexpected place. I have read the Serafina series books by this author and I think that this is just as good. I would suggest this book to anyone who asked about it. — Simon, age 10 


Sweep: The Story of a Girl and Her Monster - To say this book is about friendship would be an understatement. Heartwarming yet troubling, Nan Sparrow, a chimney climber’s story uncovers the raw emotion of orphans and the horrific cruelty of child labor. She adventures through loss, discovery, and rebellion, all with her soot creature Charlie, and learns how to save herself: only by saving others. But will she be able to save Charlie, who was made for only one purpose before it’s too late? This touching, heart-racing tale will entrance you from the beginning and force you to rethink what is allowed in modern society…all the while revealing how to have the courage to stand up for yourself and what you value, and to be open to the unlikeliest of friends! — Liana, age 14

Kid Scientists: True Tales of Childhood from Science Superstars - I loved this book and would highly recommend it to other kids. I liked learning about what the scientists did as kids. For example, Benjamin Franklin invented fins when he was a kid right here in Boston! The book included stories about astronauts, astrophysicists, biologists and inventors. Part Two (about Animal Lover scientists) was my favorite because I love animals. When I grow up, maybe I'll be a scientist! — Andrew, age 7


Monstrous Devices by Damien Love is a book about robots, magic, evil family members, and a young boy and his grandpa. I think it is an amazing book and I would suggest it to my friends. My favorite character in this book is Alex, the brave young boy who did not know what was going on at the beginning but survived all the way to the end. I think that everyone should read this book. — Simon, age 10


As a wonderfully enticing and daring read, Seafire is the tale of family, survival and sisterhood. With a powerful mixture of loyalties and secrets, Seafire is a work of magic that webs into possibly the most catching book I have ever read. I recommend it to all those who love a quickly-paced and engrossing book. I loved it. — Caroline, age 10



The book Better You Than Me by Jessica Brody was great. It is about two girls; one a tween TV star and the other a girl who just moved to a new town. The two girls meets and instantly want to switch places. And they do. But they soon realize that switching lives might have some problems. I really liked this book because it shows that we sometimes we take things for granted and don’t appreciate what we have. — Tess, age 11


The Immoral Code - This story is told with meanings and morals. The book was well written and plot driven,  but is kind of complex. I liked Reese, one of the main characters the best because she’s funny and doesn't really care what anyone thinks of her. All the main characters rely on each other in a trusting and loving way. If you enjoyed Eve and Adam, this tale will warm your heart. — Sadie, age 11


The book Mascot by Antony John was a great book! It was heartwarming and full of inspiration. Noah battles mean teammates and new friends at school, along with his mother's new “friend.” He realizes he isn’t the only one having a hard time. I liked this book because it shows that sometimes we can get twisted up in our own troubles so much that we don’t notice others who are having a difficult time too. — Tess, age 11


Lucky Luna was an exciting book that I couldn’t put down! I loved this book because it was a plot that could have happened in real life about a “normal” girl that doesn’t feel normal. This is a book about a girl, Luna, who is punished in a way that made her feel different, after she locked her cousin, Claudia, in the bathroom at her cousin’s Quinceañera, a Latina girl’s 15th birthday party. When Luna starts school with Claudia, everyone is making fun of them. Luna has to decide to pick between family or revenge against her cousin. — Lucia, age 9

Inkling by Kenneth Oppel is the tale of ink on a sketchbook coming to life and changing many people-especially Ethan Rylan, the son of a famous artist. Perspectives shift between people, animals, and others alike, expanding the world in which the book takes place. Characters are like snowflakes; no two are the same. Suspenseful moments keep the reader intrigued, and let them devour page after page without even noticing. The ending turns into the beginning, a conclusion I happen to like very much. There are a few grammatical errors, but overall I would highly recommend this novel. — Melissa, age 11

A Perilous Journey of Danger and Mayhem #1: A Dastardly Plot is a cross between historical fiction and adventure. It takes place in 1883 and tells the story of Molly Pepper, a 12-year-old girl whose mother is an inventor. Cassandra Pepper wants to have her inventions in the World’s Fair, but unfortunately women could not participate in the World’s Fair. Then something terrible happens. Can the Peppers save the World’s Fair and the lives of many innocent people? This is a great book that I highly recommend! I suggest you don’t take my word for how good it is. Read it! — Ellie, age 11

Excellent Ernesto Cousins 3/Wrestlevania: A Play-Your-Way Book (Midnight Arcade #2) - I really liked Midnight Arcade by Gabe Soria because it was an adventure book and it was a really short read. And I chose one adventure and I didn’t like it so I went back and chose another adventure that I liked. I read it all in one day! — Quentin, age 8


Silver Meadow Summer was a book I will never forget. One thing I liked was that I could almost feel myself in the shoes of any of the characters. For example, when Carolina looked and saw a beautiful cottage with a small pond it felt as if I could see it too. In Silver Meadow Summer, Carolina and her friend Jennifer, as well as her cousin Gabriela, have adventures that I will never forget, as they explore the woods among the farm and the cottage that lies within, I find myself reading every chance I get. If you like books that include powerful friendships or exciting adventures, this book is perfect for you. — Sarah, age 11

Henry & Eva and the Castle on the Cliff is a thrilling new novel by Andrea Portes. In the book, Henry and Eva discover that their parents may not have died in a boating accident. When spooky ghosts of their ancestors arrive with a message, they are sure of it! As the exciting mystery goes on, Henry and Eva uncover more and more surprising and confusing clues. But are they really clues, or are their hunches just their imagination? I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to other readers. — Madison, age 9

Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Bomber Command - I loved this book. It is a Star Wars book and is about a girl named Paige Tico and her sister Rose. They live on a bomber ship called Colbalt Hammer. The book is written like a guide and has a lot of drawings and illustrations. I especially liked the fold out illustrations. Anybody that likes Star Wars guides will like this book. — Will, age 7


The Football Fiasco (Zach and Zoe Mysteries #3) - This is an exciting book. This tells the story of Zack and Zoe who are siblings. It is set mostly in a school. Zack and Zoe are trying to solve a mystery. This book is exciting because the characters are always doing something interesting. I recommend it to anyone who likes mysteries. — Rory, age 7


The Disasters - This tale by M. K. England is a fantastic one if you decide to read it. The space-plot is super creative and the writing is funny. The five main characters each have solid skills like, athletic abilities, piloting points, sweet-talking strengths, heroic hacking, and a genius girl all make the reader fall in love with them and sweep them up into their problems and crazy solutions. If you liked The Oceans Between The Stars and Ready Player One the story of these space troopers will find a neat place in your heart. — Sadie, age 11


Invisible Ghosts was extremely difficult to put down. It shows how difficult friendships can be in middle school, and makes you wonder if ghosts are really real. Rose Asher is a very relatable character who makes you laugh at some points, and feel like crying at other points. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone in grades 6-10.                            — Gillian, age 13


Letting Go Of Gravity is a book you will never forget, it is heartwarming, thoughtful, and very touching. This book is an amazing experience to read and is definitely a book for everyone. With all the bold and strong characters like Parker, Charlie, Finn, and many more, Letting Go Of Gravity is one of the best  books I have ever read. If you have read, and enjoyed books like, Fish In A Tree or Wonder you will pick up this book and immediately fall in love. Overall, Letting Go Of Gravity is one of the best books you’ll ever read, and will warm every persons’ caring heart. — Sarah, age 11