Between the Lines Reviews - August 2019


Let Me Fix That For You is an amazing realistic book that actually keeps you intrigued. The book is about this girl, Gladys Rand who is a fixer. She fixes and helps everyone else to solve their problems. From saving clothes to writing fake texts she does it all. But after a while she realizes that the most important problem to solve is the one with her parents' relationship. This solution was going to take her a long time to find and she knew it. This book itself is very interesting as well as the solutions she comes up with. 5 stars! — Mira, age 11

My Jasper June - When Leah meets Jasper, she’s feeling lonely, sad, and guilty, but most of all, lost. Her old friends, who she used to be very close with, don’t know how to talk to her. Her parents seem like ghosts of their former happy selves. Leah is ready for a boring, nothing summer of TV. She’s not going back to the summer camp where her little brother, Sam, died. Jasper also has a broken family, even though no one has died. She gets Leah, and they are instant best friends. Jasper might even be able to help Leah’s parents!

I would recommend this book about friendship and letting go to almost anyone. The language is really beautiful and the characters are three-dimensional. — Mira, age 11

I really enjoyed the book Dragonfell very much! Dragonfell has a perfect mix of action, adventure, friendship, and finding one’s true-self. In this book, young Rafi Bywater is unlike anyone else in his village. Rafi loves dragons and hopes to find the truth about them. So Rafi sets out on a journey to find a dragon. Along the way he befriends a young girl and finds things about himself that he never knew.

I would recommend Dragonfell to any reader who is looking for an action packed fantasy novel with surprises around every page! — Quinn, age 10

The End and Other Beginnings - This is a book about the future. There are several short stories about several periods of time. I think that two of them are in the near future while there are many that take place in the far future or on another planet. There is action, combat, and technology and even though the stuff is in the future, several very human problems are displayed. Some are apocalyptic. A bunch of the stories take place on Earth but I noticed at least two that are off world. I thought that the book was a very creative piece of work but it got confusing sometimes, that is my only complaint. I would recommend it for strong readers. — Jasper, age 11


The book The Long Ride by Marina Budhos is an amazing book! The Long Ride is about segregation and involves a group of friends who are biracial living in a majority lighter skinned area. These friends have to go to a different area across the city in order to stay in school. I would absolutely recommend this book because it teaches lots of good lessons about friendship and acceptance. My favorite character was Jamila because she was always trying to keep her friends together, even when they were already falling apart. — Ellie, Age 12


I love Unicorn Diaries: Bo’s Magical New Friend by Rebecca Elliott because all the unicorns help each other to get out of sticky situations. My favorite character is Scarlett Sugarlumps the Thingamabob Unicorn because she can pull anything out of her mane. If you like Owl Diaries, you’ll probably like Unicorn Diaries too!                        — Rebecca, age 8


Lalaini of the Distant Sea by Erin Entrada Kelly was fine. This book is about a girl whose mother falls ill and the only cure is on an island many others have died getting to it. Lalaini decides she will go to this mysterious island and bring back the plant to save her mother. This book is a fantasy novel which is not my favorite type. If you like stories that include adventures and other mysteries this could be a good book for you.                       —Tess, age 12 



More to the Story Based off of Little Women, this novel is told from the point of view of Jameela, a young girl who wants to be a journalist when she’s older. Her father is one of her biggest supporters, and she is devastated when he gets called to spend six months overseas for a new job. Jameela makes it her goal to write an article that will impress her dad. Soon after her dad leaves, one of her younger sisters gets really sick, Hoping to get information for a good article she interviews a cute neighborhood boy. However, a huge mistake when printing the article could cost her a friendship. — Gillian, age 13