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In The Oasis by Katya de Becerra, Alif and her four friends on a trip to Dubai get swept up in a sandstorm with a very cute guy named Tommy. They end up lost in the desert until they find the oasis, or rather, the oasis finds them. An exciting novel filled with romance and betrayal, The Oasis uncovers secrets that turn should be friends against each other, revealing their true personalities under the pressure of being left to the wild. I was swept up into this book and couldn’t read fast enough to uncover the unknowns of the oasis. This book is great for kids 11 and up as it can be hard to follow at times. — Mia

Free Lunch by Rex Ogle is an autobiography and his life being poor. He couldn’t buy lunch everyday at school so he had to sign up for the school’s free lunch. He has to survive typical middle school life with the addition of eating the free lunch and his extremely hard home life. His mom doesn’t like help from many people and tries hard to keep their family going. Her second husband Sam,  is helping a bit with the cost but it is still very difficult for all of them. Overall this is a very impactful book and is definitely worth reading. — Mira, age 12

10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston was very good and I enjoyed it immensely. The characters and plot was very invading and the story made me smile more than once. The book also made me laugh at least ever chapter. I recommend this to anyone that saw me reading it and will to may more. Definitely a must read. — Sadie



Dive into Chloe’s complicated world with Clique Bait, by Ann Valett. Revenge isn’t easy, but it’s even harder when you have to infiltrate the royalty of private school, and break into a house. Throughout the book, Chloe learns how to let go, and to forgive, coming to terms with the tragedy of her friend. Clique Bait was a great read because you never know what’s coming. It’s full of mystery, love, friendship, and secrets. Readers of Red Queen and Divergent will enjoy this book because it covers many of the same topics in modern situation.  — Kaytaki

The Athena Protocol by Shamim Sarif was an amazing book. The characters within it are all so strong, and as a female myself they were very inspiring to me. The book starts off slow, and took me a little while to get into, but once I got a few chapters in, wow, did it really kick off! I found myself reading all the time! It was so suspenseful and exciting! Everything had a twist. The ending was especially good, and I found myself on my toes till the very last page! — Sarah


Slay by Britney Morris was amazing. After finishing this book, there is a similar feeling as after watching Black Panther. In fact, if you loved Black Panther or On the Come Up by Angie Thomas you will absolutely love this book. Sometimes I wish this book remembered the saying, "show not tell" and wasn't so explanatory. Additionally, the whole idea of just two girls running a thousand player game was just illogical. However, fleshed out characters, and amazing black women makes this book worth reading. The references and design of the game was great and kept me reading nonstop. — Nastia

I loved  Notorious by Gordon Korman. It is about a dog named Barney who was murdered and two characters named ZeeBee and Keenan. They find out that Barney was poisoned and somebody raided ZeeBee’s house. ZeeBee and Keenan follow the clues and use an ancient treasure map to find Tommy-Gun-Fergensen’s gold. Tommy was a gangster who lived in her house a long time ago. People who like mysteries and adventure will like this book. If you like Gordon Korman’s books this is an even better one!  — Will, age 9

More to the Story by Hena Khan is an amazing book about the power of family and friends. The main character, Jameela is an aspiring journalist and got the privileged job of becoming the features editor for the school newspaper. But, she ends up having to work alongside the one person she doesn’t want to. All the while, her Baba is away, working in Abu Dhabi and Jameela and her 3 sisters and their new friend Ali have to help Jameela’s mom manage everything. In all this in an incredible book that definitely deserves 5 stars.  — Mira, age 11

“Bugs in Danger”, by Mark Kurlansky, is a book about bees, beetles, butterflies, and climate change… with a lot of Latin names. Have you ever wondered what it would be like with no fruits? No apples, no peaches… why would that happen? A disease? A sudden heat wave? But the answer is this: disappearing insects. This book shows that big things, like rows and rows of fruits, depend on small things, like good pollination, that depend on smaller things, bees, that depend on even smaller things, their young, that could all shatter because of 3 things:Pollution, Climate, Pesticide. If you have ever wanted to make small, simple differences in the world, or want to learn more about the earth, this is a great book. — Ivana, age 10

Thundercluck Chicken of Thor: Recipe for Revenge - “I loved this book! It is about a chicken who got struck by lightening and can generate lightening. He gets captured by an evil cook named Gorman Bones. His companion Brunhilde has to save Thundercluck from a curse. I liked this book because it has a lot of action. I think kids that like action, adventure and fantasy will like this book.” — Will, Age 9


The Princess Who Flew With Dragons - Princess Sofi of Drachenheim is being sent to Villene.  Because she has to fly there and it is very windy, she pukes.  Sofi is not looking forward to going to Villene. But surprisingly she likes it there. She can finally go to school, then bad luck strikes ice giants want to take the royals and their land!!! What will Sofi do? If you liked The Princess In Black you will enjoy this book. — Hazel, age 9


Rory Branigan Detective - This is an amazing book. I really enjoyed the fact how it started off with Rory not knowing anything about detective work and then at the end he saves the day with it. I liked it so much that i read it in day and can’t wait for the next book to come out!!!!!!!!. The background is about a kid called Rory who notices that people are getting poisoned... can he save the day??? — Adro, age 7



Let Me Fix That For You is an amazing realistic book that actually keeps you intrigued. The book is about this girl, Gladys Rand who is a fixer. She fixes and helps everyone else to solve their problems. From saving clothes to writing fake texts she does it all. But after a while she realizes that the most important problem to solve is the one with her parents' relationship. This solution was going to take her a long time to find and she knew it. This book itself is very interesting as well as the solutions she comes up with. 5 stars! — Mira, age 11

My Jasper June - When Leah meets Jasper, she’s feeling lonely, sad, and guilty, but most of all, lost. Her old friends, who she used to be very close with, don’t know how to talk to her. Her parents seem like ghosts of their former happy selves. Leah is ready for a boring, nothing summer of TV. She’s not going back to the summer camp where her little brother, Sam, died. Jasper also has a broken family, even though no one has died. She gets Leah, and they are instant best friends. Jasper might even be able to help Leah’s parents!

I would recommend this book about friendship and letting go to almost anyone. The language is really beautiful and the characters are three-dimensional. — Mira, age 11

I really enjoyed the book Dragonfell very much! Dragonfell has a perfect mix of action, adventure, friendship, and finding one’s true-self. In this book, young Rafi Bywater is unlike anyone else in his village. Rafi loves dragons and hopes to find the truth about them. So Rafi sets out on a journey to find a dragon. Along the way he befriends a young girl and finds things about himself that he never knew.

I would recommend Dragonfell to any reader who is looking for an action packed fantasy novel with surprises around every page! — Quinn, age 10

The End and Other Beginnings - This is a book about the future. There are several short stories about several periods of time. I think that two of them are in the near future while there are many that take place in the far future or on another planet. There is action, combat, and technology and even though the stuff is in the future, several very human problems are displayed. Some are apocalyptic. A bunch of the stories take place on Earth but I noticed at least two that are off world. I thought that the book was a very creative piece of work but it got confusing sometimes, that is my only complaint. I would recommend it for strong readers. — Jasper, age 11

The book The Long Ride by Marina Budhos is an amazing book! The Long Ride is about segregation and involves a group of friends who are biracial living in a majority lighter skinned area. These friends have to go to a different area across the city in order to stay in school. I would absolutely recommend this book because it teaches lots of good lessons about friendship and acceptance. My favorite character was Jamila because she was always trying to keep her friends together, even when they were already falling apart. — Ellie, Age 12

I love Unicorn Diaries: Bo’s Magical New Friend by Rebecca Elliott because all the unicorns help each other to get out of sticky situations. My favorite character is Scarlett Sugarlumps the Thingamabob Unicorn because she can pull anything out of her mane. If you like Owl Diaries, you’ll probably like Unicorn Diaries too!                        — Rebecca, age 8


Lalaini of the Distant Sea by Erin Entrada Kelly was fine. This book is about a girl whose mother falls ill and the only cure is on an island many others have died getting to it. Lalaini decides she will go to this mysterious island and bring back the plant to save her mother. This book is a fantasy novel which is not my favorite type. If you like stories that include adventures and other mysteries this could be a good book for you.                       —Tess, age 12 


More to the Story - Based off of Little Women, this novel is told from the point of view of Jameela, a young girl who wants to be a journalist when she’s older. Her father is one of her biggest supporters, and she is devastated when he gets called to spend six months overseas for a new job. Jameela makes it her goal to write an article that will impress her dad. Soon after her dad leaves, one of her younger sisters gets really sick, Hoping to get information for a good article she interviews a cute neighborhood boy. However, a huge mistake when printing the article could cost her a friendship. — Gillian, age 13


Roll With It - This book shows how different families are. It is a funny, scary and exciting book. I loved reading it! This book is about a girl named Ellie who has Cerebral Palsy (CP). She lives in Nashville with her mom. Ellie has no friends in Nashville and her mom is moody a lot of the time. So, when they move to their grandparents house in Oklahoma, things start to get better. It was a great book I LOVED IT. I would recommend this to kids that like to learn about other families and people. Great book.            — Reece, age 9

A Constellation of Roses by Miranda Asebdeo is the story of Trix McCabe, a pickpocket and orphan. Trix is a fighter, learning how to steal and live on the run-until child services takes her away to the tiny town of Rocksaw, Kansas to live with her long lost family. Trix struggles to adjust to the lifestyle of small town living, working at her aunts tea shop, and running from -and to- her past. Throughout Trix’s journey, she must learn to adapt, to let go, and forgive herself, because if she doesn’t put down roots soon, she will wither. — Kaytaki, age 13 

The book Fake by Donna Cooner is a fascinating book about self-recognition and truth. The main character Maisie is tired of all the bullying she gets at school about being fat, so she creates a different identity online to get revenge. Only, online she learns something about the popular crowd that makes her doubt herself, and she wonders if that really deserve what she’s doing to them. I’ve recommended this book to many already, and definitely do to you. I find this book relates to The Siren and The Honest Truth. — Sadie, age 11

Superman of Smallville is a funny and interesting graphic novel. It’s about a boy named Clark Kent who crashed on Earth in an unusual aircraft. He goes out of his way to save people from mudslides, monsters, and even aliens! This book inspires children of all ages to make a difference in the world! I highly recommend it! — Ava, age 10



Full Disclosure was a great book, and I really recommend reading it. Simone, the main character, has a secret that will make everyone hate her if it gets out. She is HIV-positive. Someone has spilled her secret at her old school, and she was bullied to the extent where she had to leave. Simone thinks she has everything under control at her new school. She has great friends, she’s the student director of Rent, and she found a nice boy to hang out with. When she finds a note in her locker that threatens to share her secret with the whole school if she doesn’t stop hanging out with Miles, she starts panicking. This causes Simone to make difficult decisions involving her friends and Miles. — Gillian, age 13

Dear Justice League - I thought is was pretty good. I loved the emails. I liked when Superman crashed. I like the name T-Bone. I think there should be more stress. The chapters should be longer. If you like graphic novels and superheroes, you will like this. 8 out of 10. — Jack, age 7



When You Ask Me Where I’m Going showed a lot of issues that people are currently facing today such as racism and feminism. These topics are shown through poems and pictures. Kiran is a young mom who struggles to raise her daughter, Sahaara, in America while she is living undocumented. The points of view switch between Kiran and Sahaara. I found this to be a quick read, which is good if you’re looking for a book to finish in a day. I would recommend this book for kids ages 12 and up. — Gillian, age 13


The Cryptid Keeper is an amazing book. It is everything I like to read. It has adventure, mystery and fantasy. Cryptids are mutant creatures each with special features. Clivo’s Dad was a cryptic catcher. After his Dad dies in the first book, Clivo Wren, with the help of his friends, takes over his Dad’s quest to find the Immortal Cryptic whose blood can make you immortal. The adventure takes you so many exciting places that you don’t want to put the book down. — Meshkeen, age 10


Sadiq and the Desert Star is a good book. It explains how different religions do things and teaches you words in a new language. It also shows you to work together to make something big and really great. It also explains about the night sky and the importance of the Desert star in different religions. — Adro, age 7



When the Stars Lead to You by Ronni Davis is a story about love, loss, redemption and depression. The main character, Devon, teaches you that even if someone you love betrays you, you need to give them a second chance, and that you should always be supportive of the people in your life. I would recommend this book to kids 13-15 years old because it covers some sensitive topics like depression. If you enjoyed books like the Sun is Also a Star, then you would enjoy this book.— Kaytaki, age 13



Pug Blasts Off (Diary of a Pug #1) was an awesome book! It only took me a few minutes to read it. It's about a pug named Bub and his owner, Bella. There's an annoying cat, Duchess, and an evil squirrel, Nutz. Bella enters a science contest. Bub really wants to help Bella, but ends up crashing it into a tree. Nutz keeps one of the most important parts. Bub figures out how to get it back from Nutz and help Bella. I liked when Bub jumps onto the rocket, thinking he's an astronaut. This book is the first of a series and is similar to the Diary of an Owl series. It's for younger readers, like kindergarten to first grade. — Tessa, age 9

Surf's Up! (Moby Shinobi and Toby, Too! #1) - I liked this book, and it was a good early reader, but sometimes the story didn't make sense. Moby and Toby go to the beach, and they have a sand castle contest and have more than one adventure. Sometimes the story skips and it doesn't make sense, like when he wins the surfing contest. It is still good though. — Arlan, age 8


Scars Like Wings by Erin Stewart is a novel that teaches you that internal beauty is more important than external beauty, and sometimes, you have to look beyond your scars to find who you are. The main character, Ava, is a burn survivor and is struggling to cope with the loss of her family. Throughout the journey of the book, Ava takes her life back, and makes friends with another survivor. Ava learns how to help herself live the life she wants while also helping her friend recover from her trauma. This book explores and presents many topics like loss, forgiveness, depression, and heartbreak.         — Kaytaki, age 13

Jaclyn Hyde - I loved this book! It is about a girl named Jaclyn who uses a “perfection potion” and starts turning into a goblin-like version of herself! She has to drink it again as the antidote. But the somebody drops it over a cliff and she can’t make more! This book is very exciting and a little funny. People who like fast action and peril will like this book. — Will, age 8


Frightville: Don't Let the Doll In - The main character, Mara, made a doll house. Then she needed someone to live in it. Her friend has some action figure dolls and she went to the store where he bought them. There, she bought an antique doll named Charlotte. A ghost was living in the doll's body. Charlotte causes a lot of trouble in Mara's house. The book has a creepy ending. I liked that this book wasn't too scary, but I also liked it because you don't really know what's going to happen next. I would recommend this book to people who like books that are not too scary. — Arlan, age 8

Heroism Begins With Her is a book about women in the military, from the Air Force to the Marine Corps, from World Wаr I to current wars today. Some women were let in the first time, others had to prove themselves countless times, and others yet had to write letters and show the military that women are just as good as men. This book proves that if you work hard, persevere, and make an effort, your gender doesn’t matter…because these amazing people prove that it shouldn’t have to.                       — Ivana, age 10

Fall in love with How the Light Gets in by Katy Upperman. A novel that goes on a journey of hope, love, grief, forgiveness, and recovery. The characters are developed so well, it seems like they are standing right next to you, telling the story. Katy Upperman mixes in mystery with ghosts in a run down Victorian mansion, and an age old mystery, along with drama from two aching teenagers and their broken hearts. This middle grade novel follows many topics that you can empathize and connect to such as dealing with the loss of a family member, and finding yourself. How the Light Gets In is definitely the best book ever. — Kaytaki, age 13

The Beholder is a sweet romance novel that, for me, ended way too soon. Anna Bright, the author, uses great descriptive words to captivate the reader in Selah’s world as she travels across the Atlantic against her will in search of a fiance. Selah is pressured to choose quickly, as her father is sick, left to the hands of Allessandra. Allessandra, the cruel stepmother, that sent her away in the first place. If you liked The Selection series, I would definitely recommend this story of love and betrayal to you. — Mia, age 13


Fearless Felines is such a good book. It changed the way I thought about cats. It made me think that they are cool. My favorite ones were Oscar the Cuddly Grim Reaper and Pitoutchi who fooled the German army. I thought all of the cats were cool, those were just my favorite ones. It was awesome how all of the cats helped their owners or kittens and sometimes just strangers. If you like cats and even if you don’t like cats you should get this book! — William, age 8


Hello GirlsThe main protagonists of this book were definitely well fleshed out and developed. Winona's character is the cliche of a princess longing for adventure, yet the authors develop her in an excellent way. Lucille's relationships and hopes are also clearly shown. I loved the relationship between the two girls, it's great and really shows a solid, healthy friendship. However, the relationship between the girls was never pushed forward, it began amazing and it ended as a great relationship between the two. I would not recommend this book for teens in middle school, while many of them are probably nature enough to handle some of the topics, for the most part this book mentions and explores drugs, sex, alcohol, and similar things and thus this book is more suitable for 9th graders and above. — Nastia

The book that I read is Two Girls, a Clock, and a Crooked House. I really liked the book, but the beginning is slow. After about the first seven chapters is when starts to get good. — Sydney. age 10




Weird Little RobotsPenny Rose builds robots. Penny Rose does not have any friends in the beginning because she has just moved to 1959 Skillington Avenue. Then she  finds a good friend named Lark. Then the secret science society club lets her be in their society. And for a while Penny Rose is in the club until one meeting they are talking about how  Jeremy thinks Lark is weird then Penny Rose tells Lark how she thinks Lark is weird now and they stop being friends. Will they apologize to each other? If you like science or engineering you will like this book! — Hazel, age 9

I Wanna Be Where You Are by Kristina Forest was a book I enjoyed reading. The plot is about a girl named Chloe who loves to dance. Over spring break, she decides to travel to an audition for a new conservatory without her mother knowing. Unexpectedly, her annoying neighbor shows up for the trip and many unplanned things happen. I would recommend this book because it’s about finding your place in the world when things go wrong. — Tess, age 12

The story Spark by Alice Broadway is a fascinating book about stories and truth. It is a wonderful and unique take that makes you wish the pages were longer. I’ve recommended this book to many already, and definitely do to you. The story line keeps you guessing what’s coming up next and I was definitely “on my toes” for most of the time. I would compare this book with Stand On The Sky and Deadly Ninjas.                         — Sadie, age 11


Past Perfect Life - This book was very intriguing. The summary drew me in and the story idea was creative. After reading the book, the story idea was indeed creative and different. These "other person" types of stories are common, but this book had a very unique twist on it. The main character was fleshed out well, but many of the side characters seemed to blend together. I loved Allison (the main character), she seemed real, and one thing I really liked was the panic attack scene. It seemed real. The only minor part about the book that I wish was changed was the second part, the part where Allison finally moves to Florida, I wish that was longer. Additionally, Allison's mom seemed too aggressive. I would recommend this book to more younger kids, maybe 8-9 grade.            — Nastia

The Survival List is a heartfelt story of love and sorrow, that had me hooked till the end. Sloane Weber loved her sister Talley beyond measure, until she commited suicide leaving nothing but a list in her pocket. The journey across the country Sloane takes to discover the meaning of Talleys list only goes to show how much she loved her sister, and how little she is willing to let her go. This realistic fiction book takes you into the mind of a loving little sister, an adventurous young lady, and an amazing friend. This book is perfect for middle school kids as it talks about heavy topics like suicide and depression. — Mia, age 13

Sorry For Your Loss The story of grief, loss, and recovery is always hard to tell and yet this book tells it wonderfully. The narration is peculiar yet simple and gives the main character, Pup, his own distinctive voice. In fact each character has such an unique voice, that I never got lost with who is who. The style of writing sometimes feels absurdist or overly simple, but it works well in the end. To anyone who wants a wholesome story to pass the time, this book is for you! This story is a great concept and is executed very well, but the writing style is very unique compared to many other YA books which might put people off. — Nastia

The book Quarantine was just OK. I started reading it and enjoyed it; however as I continued on, I found that it was not as exciting as I thought. I would have enjoyed a little more drama and different events — Sarah, age 12




I loved Homeroom and Hall Passes, it was amazing. I would recommend it to a friend because it is a good book and it isn't like one of the classics and is different and new.y favorite character was June because she didn't know about anything that is happening. Some other books I would compare it to is Percy Jackson because it has mythical creatures and has a similar world. It is also similar to Dungeons and Dragons because the world is similar. — Huan, age 12

Caster by Elsie Chapman is a stunning book. The plot is fun to read and I never know what's going to happen next. This book had me riveted from the beginning to the end. I was spellbound, and simply couldn't put it down. It has incredibly rich writing and had a engaging and unique world that kept me turning page after page. The wondrous characters that had over a dozen sides, some that made you want to hate them and other that made you want to love them, made me wish the pages didn't run out so fast. Recommending a book that is similar to Caster is very difficult due to it's ever-lovely uniqueness, but if you've enjoyed reading Ace of Shades or even Artemis Fowl than your even more bound to love Caster. — Sadie, age 11

The Wise and the Wicked by Rebecca Podos was a good book! It is about a girl named Ruby with magic in her family. One day, her great-aunt passes away and her Time (predicting the future) does not match what she wrote in the family book. Ruby, her cousin, and friends must try to figure out what happened to Great-Aunt Polina and the family’s history. This book was good because even though it had magic in it it is still about everyday struggles. — Tess, age 12



Beneath the Bed and Other Scary Stories - I like this book, and the characters in it like the statute and the dummy, because they are a little bit scary, a little bit creepy, and a little bit funny.  The book is also pretty easy to read - easier than Captain Underpants. I recommend this book to kids who are interested in Goosebumps and other scary books.  Goosebumps is scarier than this book but I really like it anyway. — Arlan, age 8


Talespinners: Saving Fable by Scott Reintgen is about a girl named Indira Story who is in a make-believe realm of characters to be. She has been waiting all her life for a chance to be chosen for a story. When she is finally chosen to go to the Protagonist Preparatory her dreams are crushed. As the story goes on she finds out that everyone is in great danger. WIll Indira save the day? This book is one like none other. It has its own characters but also features characters from classic fables! I would give this book 10 stars! — Tommy

Past Perfect Life by Elizabeth Eulberg is an overall wonderful book to read about the coming of age of a young girl who finds out a horrible secret about her family. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it if you enjoy teen realistic fiction. — Grace




Destroy All Monsters by Sam J. Miller is a wonderful book. It’s about two best friends, Solomon and Ash, who experienced something traumatic. Ash fell out of Solomon’s tree house later that same day and hasn’t been able to remember what happened. Meanwhile, Solomon gets more distant and can only think about a world full of monsters. Eventually Ash realizes that she has to help him but can’t until she remembers too. Completely mind boggling and fascinating. I would recommend it if you enjoy fantasy and having your mind blown. Truly a fantastic read. — Grace

Bad Bella is a good story about a dog who is taken to the pound by some irresponsible owners when they are going to have a baby. A few days after she was taken to the pound, Bella got adopted by a nice, caring couple called the Roses. But when it gets colder, the Roses start acting weird.  Are they going to have a baby? To stop herself from going to the pound, Bella runs away. Will her owners ever forgive her, and will Bella come back? If you like animals and adventure or the series Dog Diaries, this is the book for you! — Hazel, age 9

Rise of The Dragon Moon - Imagine dragons killed your father, just took your mother, and right now you are on a journey to get your mother back - no matter what the cost. This is what it would be like if you were in Princess Anatolia’s shoes. The characters are really believable and the action never stops. My favorite part was when the Bear-cats were right behind Princess Anatolia, her sister, and her friend. If you like nonstop action and dragons, you will like this book! — Hazel, age 9



Spy School British Invasion is the seventh amazing book in the spy school series. Ben Ripley and his spy school friends are trying again to destroy SPYDER. But this time they think they have the “key” to everything. They’re aiming high, trying to once and for all find the leader and have it all come to an end.  They end up having to fly all the way to England for their mission. This book is a great book full of slyness, stealth, sneaky stuff and so much more. Definitely read it if you are a fan of this series. 5 stars!!!!!!! — Mira Age 11

The Twelve is a great read for many interested in the legends of the chinese zodiac. Cindy Lin creates a beautiful world where by the end of the book you do not want to leave. Full of obstacles, betrayal, and chores. This book is great for an audience of tweens. — Ben, age 12



Warhead by Jeff Henigson is a very sad but intriguing book. Warhead is the story of a teenage boy who gets brain cancer and makes a wish to go speak with the leader of the Soviet Union to discuss an end to the nuclear missile crisis as part of a young ambassadors program. It’s a memoir and it includes the thoughts that were going through his head. His explanations are very thorough. During the course of the book Jeff meets some very cool and supportive people several of which are plagued by the same problems as him. Many of those characters are key in the plot as well. I would recommend this book if you can handle some very heavy stuff. If you can’t, read a different book. — Jasper, 11

The Odd Sisters - If you have liked the other books in the Disney Villain Novels series, then you are in for a treat. The story of the Odd Sisters, Lucinda, Ruby and Martha -- the villains behind the villains -- is recognized in this book. Like the previous books, which told the backstories of Snow White's Wicked Queen, The Beast, Ursula, Maleficent, and Mother Gothel, we learn the history of the Odd Sisters and what made them into the villains they are. Serena Valentino gives us a story with twists, but also one that is very true to her past writing: slightly creepy and also vivid tales that lead up to this book. There isn't anything quite like this series. Read it! — Bella, 10

Just Jaime by Terri Libenson is a great book about friendship. Jaime and Maya have always been friends but lately it seems like Maya and the rest of their group (Cece and Grace) have been ditching Jaime to do things that are more “in” and Jaime doesn’t  know what is going on. When finally they tell her she is just not fit for the group she doesn’t know what to do. This all makes maya rethink her decision. Is being friends with the popular girl really worth losing your main friend? This is an amazing deep graphic novel. 5 stars!!!!!!! — Mira age 11

Diary of an Ice Princess is a book about a girl named Lina. She is a princess, which means that she has powers. My favorite character is Claudia, Lina’s best friend, because when Lina ruined Claudia’s experiment, Claudia didn’t get mad. She was very gentle and understanding. The book says it is for ages 7-10 but I think first and second graders would really like this book. I like this book because all the characters are very kind, especially Lina. I also like this book because it teaches you a lesson, though you will have to read it to find out more!  It is AWESOME. — Miriam, age 8

The Meaning of Birds is a really heartfelt book about a teenager going through grief. After Jess’ girlfriend dies, she has to start from scratch and the road to recovery seems impossible. She pushes away her art and friends and gives up her dream of going to NC State College. You can really feel Jess’ emotions and soul come out of the book. Eventually she makes a very unexpected friend who helps her find a new way to cope, and things start to get better (or not). Jaye Robin Brown writes it in a unique way by switching back and forth between Vivi’s death and after. Full of romance, mixed up feelings, really good doughnuts and birds; I recommend this book for people 14 years old or older.  Sophie

Orange for the Sunsets is a beautiful book that you’ll never forget. It’s an unforgettable historical fiction book about when President Amin of Uganda announces that there’s no room for Indians in Africa anymore and gives Indians 90 days to leave the country. Asha and Yesofu, the main characters, one African and one Indian, find their voices and try their best to go against the racism in their country and stop the craziness. They find more to their friendship through many events that change their lives. The author includes an important message about racism and nativism in this book. I hope that everyone gets a chance to encounter the sad, but beautiful words between the covers of this book. — Michelle

Forgotten City by Machel ford is a great book. It is about a boy named Kobi who lives in the future. Scientists made a product that helps crops grow fast but has bad effects too. The product’s chemicals make animals get bigger and more aggressive, the plants all around the chemicals start growing rapidly started to have a mind of their own. The worst thing is that the chemicals made everyone sick and many people died. Kobi thinks that he is the only living person except for his dad when he finds two kids out in the city! I really recommend this book to you because in it, it has major plot changes, there is lots of betrayal in it, and is just fun to read. — Joshua, age 11

I Dont Want To Be Crazy - I think this memoir is great for older kids who want to learn about a very dramatic college experience. This memoir is very well thought through and feels real. I really liked the poetic format of the memoir and how it was broken down into parts. I would recommend it to older kids who are interested in reading a mature book. This has more mature themes than books I have read recently like The Hate You Give. People who are experiencing anxiety will feel less alone if they read this book by Samantha Schutz. — Calder

The Lovely and The Lost by Jennifer Lynn Barnes was a fantastic book! It is about a girl who was abandoned in a forest when she is young and now in her teenage years is on a search and rescue mission. This book was good because it was a lot about friendship and working together. It showed the importance of being there for one another and taking risks for something good. I would give this book a 9 out of 10 stars. — Tess, age 11


A Wolf Called Wander got me hooked on to it on page 4! Swift is a loyal wolf cub, who loses his pack when they are attacked by another pack of wolves. The rest of the book is about his search for a new pack. Along the way, he is shot at by hunters, and sees lightning and hears thunder for the first time. I never wanted this book to end because it was full of adventure.If you like animals and adventure this is a book for you — Hazel, age 9


The Girl Who Sailed the Stars was a very satisfying story to read.  The main character is Oona Britt, and she often gets mistreated by her horrible family. Oona’s family is made up Captain Britt, her father, her mother, and seven other sisters. The satisfying thing about this story is that at the end Oona gets to have her greatest wishes come true and be happy with what she has. My favorite character was Barnacles the sea cat. He didn’t like Oona very much at the beginning, but at the end he warms up to her and sees her as a great person. I would recommend this to anyone who likes mythical creatures and books that involve characters being on ships. Everyone else would probably like it too because it is a great book to read. — Noah, age 9

Book Case by Dave Shelton is a fun mystery book with many twists and turns and turning points along the way. it has a deep and fun plot, and it's fun to read. it will keep you wanting more! with Daphne as the narrator and Emily lime to guide her, you will have a blast reading the book. — Sol, age 12



Kitten Kingdom - I didn't like the book because it was about a princess.  Her name was Tabby. Plus, she is always scared of going on quests.  The one think I liked about Tabby is that she was worried at the beginning to take the quest, but she faced her fears and went on the quest.  Not a lot of people face their fears. This book would be good for some people who like mysteries because there was a mystery of who took the Golden Scroll. — Asher, age 8


Mera: Tidebreaker was a very interesting story and the best superhero book I have read in years. Mera’s origin story has many gripping twists. In the book, Mera is the princess of a colony ruled by Atlantis, Xebel, and her father is willing to give her hand in marriage to anyone who will bring Arthur, prince of Atlantis’s head. But Mera is rebellious, and will not let any old guy take her hand in marriage. Knowing she will have a head start, she decides to do the job herself. Unexpectedly, though,  she figures out that Arthur is innocent and kind, and begins to lose the will to assassinate him.Can she still do the task? Or will she give it all up to save him? Superhero fan or not, this book is a great read. — Eva, age 10

Out of Place by Jennifer Blecher was a great book! It is about a girl named Cove who has never left her home, Martha’s Vineyard. Suddenly her best friend moves away to New York City. Then Cove discovers a new show called Create You which is in NYC and is determined to get on it. This was a good book because it was a lot about friendship and determination. If you like books that are realistic fiction or friendship, this would be a good book for you. —  Tess. age 11


The Magic MirrorI liked the beginning because Kara didn’t know why it was so hot, so Kara and Zed went to the ice kingdom. The ice queen couldn’t make winter without her mirror, but her mirror is broken! Can they find out who broke it or is it going to be summer forever? I recommend this to mystery lovers. — Asher, age 8



Extraordinary birds - Following her birth mother’s cryptic note that says they will one day meet in flight December has flown from foster home to foster home, until she lands in Eleanor’s house. December loves birds and knows much about them. She believes she will one day turn into bird and fly away to travel the world, never staying in one place for too long, that’s the way it’s always been for her. But her stay in Eleanor’s has finally showed her the true meaning of a good home. This book is perfect for those who are searching for a true understanding of home. I’ve never read anything like Extraordinary Birds which makes it so extraordinary. — Madhavi, age 11

I read the book Secondhand Wishes by Anna Staniszewski. The main character, Lexi, thinks that if she does enough good things, she’ll be able to keep the bad things away. For example, maybe if she’s on time enough her little brother won’t need more surgeries. On a particularly bad day she finds four wishing stones in a store. She wishes that her best friend, Cassa, would stop talking to the new girl and it works! It is sweet, funny and had some mystery which kept it interesting. I would recommend this book to kids ages 8-12. I think it was a very good book. — Pilar


The Book of Unwyse Magic - I loved this book! This book is about two kids named Ava and Matthew. The story starts in the town of Unwyse where their father once served as a mirror person, people who look into magic mirrors and ask for enchantments from fairies. One day they see a boy from the underworld (where fairies live) and he comes over to the other side. But when skeletons, fairies and mist come to their town it is up to them to put an end to it all. I would recommend this book to kids who like action and spooky books. — Will, age 8

The book Caterpillar Summer by Gillian McDunn was a really inspiring book. The main character Caterpillar (Cat) has a brother with special needs, and she cares for him every single day. When she and her brother go on an unplanned trip to her grandparents who she’s never met, she has to accept the fact that sometimes you have to let go. I really liked this book because it had really great details and it used the language really well. I would give it 5 out of 5 stars. — Tess, age 11


The Startup Squad - I love this book! It’s about a lemonade stand and this girl who keeps singing to get customers to come to the lemonade stand. There’s a lemonade contest, and they all had fun. If you like lemons and laughs, this book is for you! — Tessa, age 9



Odd GodsI recommend this book because I liked that it was funny and mixed up, in a good way. This book reminds me of Captain Underpants but more historic. This book is about a son of  Zeus named Oddonis. Zeus is a Greek god. Oddonis tries to fit in at Mt. Olympus middle school. He makes some friends that are odd, too. I think that fans of funny twists would like to read this book. One thing that I didn’t like was that Oddonis’s brother bullies him. My favorite part is at the end of the book. — Ayah, age 8


The Story Web, by Megan Frazer Blakemore, is a heartfelt and moving novel. The book is about truth, finding yourself, and teamwork. The main characters, Melanie, Lewis, and Alice will sweep you away with all of their problems, and open your eyes to the world of secrets hiding just below the surface of the book. In the book, the three fifth graders must save the world by telling stories, and being loyal to themselves, and to the many people surrounding them. They learn to tell stories, and listen to them, and find the true meaning of the world around them. — Kaytaki, age 13

The Queen's Shadow by E.K. Johnston is a great read, filled with intergalactic politics and familiar humor from Star Wars. E.K. Johnston weaves a beautiful story about senator Amidala and her time in the galactic senate. The plot flows beautifully through every obstacle Amidala faces and is able to fit humor into the story without ruining the mood. The Queen’s Shadow is great for any fans of Star Wars. — Benjamin, age 12


Honeybees & Frenemies -  Sometimes you can make up. That is what 12 year-old Florence finds out. When her best friend goes away for the summer, Flor has to work at the family mattress store. When she was in 3rd grade, she starred in the Honeydale Honey festival. Now, she is asked to star again. Flor has to work with her frenemy Candice Holloway. Flor and Candice work together to save Flor from moving to New Jersey by winning the two thousand dollar prize. But it might not go as they planned, especially if the Old Man of the Hill gets involved, the rumored murderer of Honeydale, Ohio. I really liked this book. It was suspenseful. Would Candice and Flor work together? Would it all end with Flor moving to New Jersey? Would the mattress store stay in business? And most of all, would working with the “Old Man of the Hill” workout? — Caroline

The Creakers, by Tom Fletcher, is a fun, interactive fiction book perfect for a cozy winter day. In this book, our hero Lucy saves her town when all the adults go missing! With the help of her two friends, Ella and Norman, she sets out on the adventure of a lifetime and along the way finds things she would never expect... — Sol, age 11



WeirDo tells the story of a boy whose name is Weir but his last name is Do - put it together you get WeirDo. He makes a humorous fool of himself at school. I think if you like Bad Kitty then you will like WeirDo. My favorite character was the girl in his class who he is in love with, Bella, because she is very kind and I have to admit, she is very pretty. I like this book because it is funny. It is funny when it shows Weir's closet compared to his older sister's closet. I like it because it makes me laugh a lot. — Miriam, age 8

Girls of July is about 4 completely different girls, Britta, Meredith, Kate, and Spider. Britta is a typical high schooler, Meredith is very smart, Kate is very quiet, and Spider knows she’s always been different. When they all meet at this house in the Adirondacks, they spend one whole month living together. Then they realize how nice it is to get away from your problems at home and how that brings you back to yourself. I found this book to be great! I rate this book a 5 out of 5. If you are looking for a deep book or a sweet realistic fiction or any other book, I think you will love this book. — Mira age 11

A Tale MagnoliousThis book was very interesting to read because of all the things that happen to the main character, Nitty, her elephant Magnolious and all their friends. Nitty is an orphan, and at the beginning of the story she is very lonely. Then she meets Magnolious. They both become good friends. Nitty and Magnolious make many other good friends throughout the story and Nitty is no longer as lonely as she was before. They get involved with the problem of the town getting hit by so many strong dusters and suspect the mayor, Neezer Snollygost, is behind it all. Overall, I think this book would be great for anyone, especially for anyone who likes elephants. It has expressive and meaningful words and scenes, characters with their own unique and personalities that you could really like, and a intriguing plot that I felt was very well planned out. — Noah, age 9

Far Away is mainly about  CJ and Jax having the adventure to find a tether to bring CJ’s mother spirit back to earth. CJ’s Aunt Nic is a psychic medium that travels to other parts of the country to speak to spirits far away. When CJ was born her mother died. Aunt Nic’s gift is the only way CJ can talk to her mom. CJ learns that she can’t speak to her mother anymore so she sets off on a trip with a friend named Jax to find a tether that would bring her back to earth. — Lucas, age 12


Other Words for HomeThis is one of the best books all year! It is told like a normal novel, but uses a poetic format which makes it very expressive. You’ll probably love this book, especially if you like I am Malala, since it explores similar cultures and events. Even though Jude’s life may be very different from yours, you’ll find yourself relating to her at the same time. Jude faces normal 12 year old problems, as well as more serious issues. Overall this book is immersive and uplifting, and I hope you give it a chance. — Charlotte, age 12

The Last Last Day of Summer - Otto and Sheed, the Famous Alston Boys, are well developed characters who make the book interesting and exciting. Otto is a smart 11 year old who likes adventure, and Sheed is his cousin who likes to play basketball. Mr. Flux is a villain who gives the boys a camera that freezes time. After taking a picture, the boys have to figure out how to unfreeze time. Every time they think they have solved it, another problem comes up. I like this book because it feels like their adventures never end. — Hazel, age 9

I can’t get enough of Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes! It’s about a boy named Murph Cooper who’s the only normal kid in a school full of kids with strange abilities. He befriends four other kids in the school who have arguably useless abilities, and they call themselves the Super Zeroes. Together, they’re a part of the Heroes Alliance, a secret crime-fighting group. Right now, they’re up against a really dangerous supervillain: Magpie. If the Super Zeroes don’t stop him, then the Heroes Alliance could go down the drain! I love this book because the authors use great figurative language and characters have great personalities. I recommend it for sure! — Simrah, age 11

The book The Hunt For The Mad Wolf’s Daughter is fantastic! It’s about a girl named Drest who is in the war band of the Mad Wolf of The West. She is on the run because a knight put a price on her head. Now everyone is searching for her and nowhere is safe. This makes the story dramatic and very interesting! I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it! Drest has to to do something, even if she has to redefine what a warrior is... — Sidrah, age 8


Max and the MidknightsDear readers, I have never been interested in the the Big Nate series and after reading this book I want to read Big Nate!  I specifically like the characters’ personalities! One of my favorite parts was when Mille discovered she was magic!  My favorite part of reading it was all the surprises with the characters! I LOVED THIS BOOK! — Stella, age 10


Village by the Sea - This is a heart felt book set in Thul, India. The book shows how kids are never to young to make a change. In Desai’s book, 12-year-old Hari and 13-year-old Lila try to fix their broken family. Money ran out along time ago and the food is scarce for the family. With their mother sick, their father drinking every night, and their younger sisters who need to be watched, Lila and Hari have to find a solution to all their family’s problems. When things get worse, can Lila and Hari manage it all? I recommend this book to anyone who is in for a good read. — Mason, age 11

The Unbelievable Oliver And The Four JokersI liked the book however I don’t like Oliver because he is not good at math, science, or running/sports. I do like when the present Bea & Teenie gave Maddox for his birthday disappeared. Do you think Oliver made it disappear? I recommend this book to mystery lovers. — Asher, age 8



Tree of dreams is a book about pollution, friendship, and chocolate. Coco loves chocolate. She helps her mother run their chocolate shop in Heartbeat Springs. But due to recent events, the store may have to close. Then Coco starts dreaming about a ceiba tree who promises treasure. She finds a flyer about a baking competition, including a free trip to the rainforest. Coco enters, but unfortunately, her ex-friend Leo enters too, the only person who could beat her. Oddly, she and Leo BOTH win, but how do you handle a week in the rainforest with someone who’s not talking to you? — Ivana, age 10

Sal and Gabi Break the Universe is a novel about a cuban boy named Sal. Sal Vidón can reach to any universe and retrieve anything he wants. For example, he was able to bring his dead Mami back to life! (Even if it was only for one night.) He thought he was the only person in the world who could see into another universe. Until, he finds out that a girl named Gabi can see also. I thought that this book was AWESOME!! If you are looking for a book that has a Latino influence or a sci-fi book this will be a GREAT book for you! — Mira, age 11

I read the book Shadow School. I loved it and will read it again. I would recommend it to a friend and my favorite character was Cordelia because she stuck with things. Also sometimes it gets a little creepy and once I put the book down, but later I kept reading because I was wondering what would happen next. —Sydney, age 9



I really enjoyed reading Hoax For Hire is because of the realistic characters and how the book just makes me want to take in the story and keep reading until the end. Grayson is part of the McNeil family, who have people hire them to trick bystanders into thinking that they saw a cryptid to attract people to places that need more attention. The family also follows clues and try to find cryptids and show that they are real except for Grayson's dad, who was the first McNeil to ever give up cryptid hunting and just do hoaxing. Grayson hates the family business and wants to get out of it as soon as possible and go to his dream school, Culver, where he can do photography. The whole family is trying to finish the Sea Monster Grand Slam, which is a series of hoaxes to pull off in a week. The McNeils aren't the only family who hoax for a living, though. The Gerhards do it too. They wanted the money that the McNeils were going earn from the Sea Monster Grand Slam. The Gerhards cause a lot of trouble and almost end the McNeil family career. Throughout all that happens to him, Grayson realizes what should be the most important thing to him. I would recommend this to anyone who can handle a nicely sized vocabulary and like a little humor and plenty of action happening on each page. — Noah


I read the book ‘Death Prefers Blondes’, and at first, it was really good. It was descriptive, it kept me entertained, and it was filled with adventure. However, later on, the book becomes confusing, and it becomes harder to keep track of who’s who, who is good, who is bad, etc. if you do like action and drama, this is the book for you, however, if you don’t like cliffhangers and lots of tension, I would not recommend this book. — Sol


The Spinner of Dreams, by K. A. Reynolds, is an amazing book. It is perfect for everyone, because, it tells a story of bravery, friendship, and overcoming hardships. Annalise Meriwether, the main character, will keep you turning the pages with her struggles to reach her dreams. If you liked the Percy Jackson series’ by Rick Riordan, you’ll find this adventure enticing and captivating. This book shows how you should never give up on your dreams, because, sometimes, dreams really do come true. This is a book that you will never, ever, forget. — Kaytaki, age 13

Tangled in Time the Portal - Rose is 12 years old when her life changes in front of her eyes after she loses her mother in a car accident. She leaves the city and moves in to a little town to live with her grandmother that she doesn’t really know, and must go to a new school with both bullies and friends in it! But in her grandmother's greenhouse she finds sanctuary...and secrets as Rose tumbles through time.This book has a lots to offer for anyone who loves a bit of mystery, history and fantasy! — Anna, age 10


All in a drop - This informative book has a structure almost identical to the who was/is books. The book was about a man, Antony van Leeuwenhoek,  During his life he accomplished many things. He discovered a disease, what seems like a million different microbes, and many other amazing things. Antony never gave up, even when he was sick he persevered and kept his curious nature and his intelligent mind. I really enjoyed this book and hope others will be inspired by it like it inspired me as a reader. — Lucia, age 9

A Wolf Called WanderI really enjoyed reading this book. The beginning was very detailed, so I did not have that many questions and it was very intriguing and compelled me to read more.The middle parts of the story had tons of action and kept the story going to eventually lead to a satisfying end that I can be content with with the main character, Wander, leading a content life with his mate and wonderful pups in a bountiful land.Everyone had at least a little meaning to the course of the story and their own unique personality, giving the story more realistic characters and a excellent representation of real life. There are a lot of extremely challenging hardships Wander has to face and go through and survive, and after overcoming them Wander’s will to keep living shows again and again even though he lost almost everything that meant so much to him in the beginning.The illustrations fit in with what is happening on the page and look absolutely amazing, filling up blank spaces with beautiful drawings of the wilderness and animals and giving a image that words cannot describe.Overall, A Wolf Called Wander is like the drawings, barely any words can describe how great the book is. — Noah

I recommend The Unteachables. My favorite character is Kiana. When she's late to sign up for her new school she goes to a random class, after finding a schedule on the ground. Kiana attends this unique class without telling her parents. Kiana’s teacher is Mr. Kermit. The students in his class are named the Unteachables, because they are hated by all teachers. The Unteachables like Mr. Kermit and try to improve his reputation. But sometimes their funny plans backfire. I like the Unteachables because they have strange behavior like roasting marshmallows on pencils over a fire in the trash can! — Thea, age 11

I liked most of Superman. The parts I liked were really good, like when he saved Smallville from people who wanted to kill everyone in it. The only parts I didn’t like were the parts that had swear words in them so I don’t recommend this book to others who do not like explicit language. This has an interesting plot and overall I really liked it even though I am more of a Marvel fan. I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. — Bruno, age 10


Odd GodsI think that this book resembles that people are perfect the way they are and it doesn’t matter how people look, act or be. it’s just them being them! I also think that Adonis isn’t a bad person, but I do think he could be a little kinder. Oddonis is a very passionate, kind friend. I like how mathena is always trying to make people feel good. I like how puneous always stands up for people and I like how Germes is always trying to comfort    People. Gaseous is always trying to stay together with his friends as much as possible. Some things I thought could be better are they could have described a little more about the other characters and they could have told a little more about what had happened in the past. I liked this book so much that I read it in two days. Whenever I had extra time, I would grab the book and get comfy and start reading. I really like this book and I hope that whoever reads it enjoys it! — Oliver, age 10

The Unteachables is a very good, hilarious book. I like how each chapter has a different kid’s perspective. The story is about how a teacher, Mr. Kermit, helps the kids become better students. And, through their adventures, the students help Mr. Kermit become a better teacher. There are lots of funny things that happen with squeaky toys and flying cars.When this book comes out I highly recommend it, if you like funny books.               — Alex, Age 8


Lenny’s Book of Everything is a very good book. The plot can get a little sad but the twists and turns make it enjoyable. I particularly liked how the main character, a girl named Lenny, narrates the story. She gives her perspective on how her and her brother Davey fight his illness. I recommend it highly. — Tommy, age 12



The Truth and Lies of Ella Black was a very enjoyable read. It shows Ella battling with her alter ego that she calls Bella. When Ella’s family decides on day to whisk her away to Rio de Janeiro, Ella finds it harder to hide Bella from her parents. When her parents don’t answer any of her questions of why they are in Rio, Ella starts to think of worst case scenarios. Then, one day, she finds out why she is there, and her life changes drastically. I found that this book was very difficult to put down, and I often stayed up a lot later than I should have because I just had to know what happened next.                   — Gillian, age 13

Eventown seems the perfect place. But when Elodee’s family moves there, she doesn't feel like she fits in. The ice cream’s great, but there are only three flavors. Every house and yard looks exactly the same. Everything Elodee bakes tastes delicious, but when she wants to make a crazy cake, everyone warns her not to. Elodee wants to move back home and she learns that perhaps the perfect place isn’t so perfect. Eventown is an enticing novel. Not only does it accurately capture the feelings of a young girl,  makes it feel as though you are there with her descriptions. I recommend this book if you like realistic fiction with a magical twist.  Eventown has become one of my new favorite books because it's exciting but also not too scary. — Sadie, age 13

The Last Kids On Earth Survival Guide is a nice book. It is an activity book which has things like coloring, create your own pets and things like that. It also shows tips and fun facts. It’s mostly about monsters. I like this book because it's pretty fun and has a little reading in it too so you don't just do activities, you have a chance to read.                         — Narine, age 9


The True History of Lyndie B. Hawkins by Gail Shepherd is about a girl who is trying to understand her family's history when no one will tell her. I didn’t find the book a very exciting read. If you are interested in books that are sort of a mystery, this would be a good book for you. I would give it three stars out of five. — Tess, age 11



The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day is a great book if you like sci-fi. It’s about a girl who wakes up one day, however it’s not just any old day, it’s her tenth birthday! But instead of finding a mom reading the newspaper, her dad baking banana pancakes, and a grumpy teenage sister that hates her still in bed like a normal Saturday morning, Maisie wakes up to a motionless house and can’t find any of her family members! Outside is a complete galaxy of darkness that tries to swallow the light inside of the house when Maisie accidentally lets them in. She even tries to make her own reality check by jabbing a safety pin into her thumb! Maisie goes through the day trying to find a way to reach her family and using her scientific knowledge to help her. I loved this book because it had great exciting moments and cherished memories of the past. I would absolutely recommend this!                          — Michelle, age 10

Last of Her Name by Jessica Khoury goes deep into galactical fantasies and newfound destinies. This book brought me to a new universe filled with conflict and mystery, making it impossible to stop reading. When three friends, Stacia, Clio, and Pol’s planet is attacked, Pol and Stacia leave, having to stay undercover traveling the galaxy as refugees. Although Stacia wants nothing more than to save her best friend Clio. This book contains a series of cliffhangers and plot twists, that you would never want to miss a word of it. Thrill-seeking, adventurous, romantic, and surprising, Last of Her Name is a perfect book for those people who like thrill and adventure.                                                                   — Bronte, age 12

The Unspeakable Unknown is a book of unknown areas and dangers of magic. Nicola Kross has had her father kidnapped by the Old Ones-squid like manipulators that are extremely powerful in destructive ways. Nicola, along with her friends from the School, meet an Old One that was kicked out of the Old One clan. Her name is Darleen. Together, they rescue Nicola’s father and (mostly) save themselves from the Old Ones. (For now.) — Caroline, age 11


Bernice Buttman, Model Citizen - I loved this book. It is about a bully who tries to stop being a bully but is laughed at because of her name. But in the end she succeeds in being nice. This book is funny and I recommend this book. — Will, age 8




Maybe a Mermaid is an interesting book that (maybe) has a mermaid. A girl named Anthoni Gillis is dragged around the Midwest by her mother, who works for a beautification company, Beauty and the Bee. Anthoni’s mom takes her on a vacation to Thunder Lake in Eagle Waters, WI. There, Anthoni meets a quirky old woman named Charlotte Boulay, who owns the Showboat Resort. Charlotte expresses a love for acting. Anthoni finds out that Charlotte was the star of the Boulay Mermaid show. With the help of Charlotte, Anthoni will just might sew all the holes of her life closed.                        — Caroline, age 11

Outwalkers is a pretty good book. Some of its themes are that teamwork leads to success and that true friends will always be there for you. I liked this book because it shows the power of teamwork and love. It’s about a boy named Jake whose parents die in a car accident, and he is stuck in an academy that is horrible. Jake will escape, but if he wants to get to his grandparents in Scotland, he will have to evade the hub police. His parents tell him that he can only get to Scotland with Jet. Are his parents right? And will Jake succeed or end up trapped in England? Find out in this intense novel!               — Michelle, age 10

Solving for M is really good! It’s about a girl named Mika who enters Highbridge Middle School and has a nice math teacher named Mr. Vann! At first, Mika wasn’t really a math person (or a science person, like her friend Dee Dee) and she liked art more, but middle school is so confusing that she just can’t argue with numbers. On top of everything, Mika’s mom might have skin cancer. This adds an interesting touch to the  story. I like this book because Mika was patient when things were hard. Throw on your thinking caps, because Solving for M is coming! — Sidrah, age 7

The Next Great Paulie Fink is a really enjoyable book! Caitlyn is the new girl in a rural school where every grade only has one class and the kids have all known each other for a long time. But with her arrival, another student who was supposed to come vanishes: Paulie Fink, a legendary class clown. Whereas Caitlyn, who can be seen as a replacement, is definitely not a class clown. She gets to know the funky kids in her class and before long, the competition to replace Paulie is on, with Caitlyn elected as the judge. I would definitely recommend this book because alongside the great storytelling and structure, Caitlyn’s classmates are all really interesting and likeable, and they show you that being a team doesn’t mean being clones of each other. — Simrah, age 10