Belmont Day School Wishlist

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Belmont Day School is a community of inspiring, bold, and remarkable learners and leaders.

At Belmont Day School, the students truly love learning. We nurture this every day through hands-on, interdisciplinary work that grounds the academic experience in the real world. Our faculty are experts at offering each individual the right level of challenge and support. As a result, our students build a strong sense of themselves and embody our core values of excellence, responsibility, caring, honesty, respect, and joy. Support BDS and the Erskine Library by donating a book from the school's wishlist, and support your local economy by buying it from Belmont Books.

When you order a book online to donate to BDS/Erskine Library, please select the delivery option "Curbside Pickup." Then pay online using your credit card or PayPal, and leave an order comment noting that Amy Sprung will pick up for BDS. Please place a separate order for personal purchases.