BB&N Building Diverse Bookshelves

BB&N’s “Building Diverse Bookshelves” is a campaign to add donated books each year to the Lower School libraries and classrooms.  Our aim is to reflect and honor the lives of all young people through books.  The books, which have been selected by teachers and librarians, are compelling works of children's literature that feature diverse characters, and help start and strengthen family conversations about diversity and inclusion across all areas of difference. By purchasing these books for BB&N through Belmont Books, you are also helping our local economy and supporting a local indepent business.

If you would like to make a donation to the wishlist in the form of a gift card, please follow this link, and in the To: space, please say "BBN Building Diverse Bookshelves," and on the  order note that the gift card is a donation to the BBN Building Diverse Bookshelves Project. Thank you!

When you order a book online to donate to BB&N, please select the delivery option "Pick-Up in Store." Then pay online using your credit card or PayPal. Please place a separate order for personal purchases. There is no need to pick up your donation in-store, as a representative from BB&N will collect all donations from Belmont Books. Thank you. 

Click here to see the books on the BB&N Building Diverse Bookshelves Wishlist.